Posted by: jinoe | May 28, 2008

My Road to Riches – Brands that makes me go DUH!

From time to time there will be things in the market that people will go mad over it. It will start out as a fad and people will buy them like crazy. And very often I dont get carried away, simply because I cannot afford them. But there are certain brands that I just dont understand. I dont understand why the brand has to be that expensive and why people prefers buying them over a cheaper alternative. I just dont understand it. DUH!

  1. Starbucks Organizer – Every year, coffee addicts will scramble to get their own organizer from Starbucks. Stamp here and there. I even read a forum thread of an angry patron who wasnt able to get his/her organizer because of some technicalities. The person was really mad like it meant life and death. You have to spend more than a thousand to get hold of one Starbucks Organizer. Others would buy from those who are selling them at 1,500Php. By January it will go as low as 500Php. I got mine for free last March. 😀 Why should it be Starbucks? Is it the design? The leather? The paper? Does it have to be that flashy? I dont get it. I can survive with a simple organizer I can get from any bookstore. Or I’ll just wait for free complementary organizers every year from friendly companies.
  2. Crocs – I don’t know how much these sandals cost but I find them weird. I first saw Crocs from an officemate who wore them. It defied fashion. He matched his colored shirt and blue jeans with orange sandals. What! Orange-colored sandals? But when he told me they were Crocs, it seems that it justified everything. Then I started noticing more people wearing them. Even kids. Its easy to see them since they are wearing the brightest colored sandals around. Why Crocs? I asked one guy and he said that its lightweight and feels like you are not wearing anything. Then dont wear anything. Its cheaper that way.
  3. Lacoste shirts – It’s like Giordano Tee in the 90s. Everybody wants them.  I want them as well.  But I could buy three shirts or more from a local brand for a price of one Lacoste shirt.  What would be the difference?  The only difference I can see with my eyes is the logo.  So I’m paying more than a thousand pesos just for the logo.  The cloth is better?  A very subjective reason but buying comfort doesn’t have to be expensive all the time.  As long as I dont get itch, rashes, or some disease with the local brand, I’d stick to it.
  4. Havianas – This is the number one DUH! brand for me. My first encounter was when I saw a long line in Glorietta during a sale. I asked what was the line for, Quennie said its for Havianas. It was a new name for me so I took a peek at the store. What! They are lining up for a bunch of slippers?! WHAT! Those slippers could cost up to a thousand pesos?!  I cant forget my reaction that day.  That’s why the thought of buying a pair of Havianas still haunts me.  Why should I get one?  Because its durable?  Well, I got my Duralite slippers for over a hundred pesos and they are still ok after six years.  Fashionable?  There are brands that cost so much less.  And I couldn’t get over why some people would buy up to six pairs of Havianas.  A lot of people got scammed at Multiply because of these slippers.  To me, they are still slippers like the ones I use to play patintero with.

In fairness to the brands, they did a really good job in promoting their wares. But I’d rather stay in the sideline until I earn my first million.



  1. hahha, guilty on the starbucks planner part…. but no way am i gonna buy slippers for 800 bucks. I can buy a nice pair of jeans for that same amount or a decent pair of shoes or a nice bag for that already…

    baka status symbol ang habol?!

    Well, sometimes I do pamper myself with expensive stuff. But usually those which are intended to last long like heavy duty bags, shoes, and watches. I wont mind paying more for quality of these items. Pero kung tsinelas man lang nga ilagaw, indi na.

  2. Thanks for putting my site in your links….
    I’m in wordpress now though…

    Same reaction with Havianas!
    Spartan works fine for me, maskin bitas na butangan lang lansang ayos na!

    Ever heard of Moleskine? Or are you a proud owner of one? 🙂

    I was very much tempted to buy one when I was in Penang since it is quite hard to get it here in the Philippines – pirmi out of stock!
    Anyways, wala ko mabiktima kay daw nanugunan ko magbuhi 1000 for a notebook…

    Moleskine? Ano na ya man? I just saw the website. Looks nice pero feeling ko daw mahal man sina man. But I have some journal notebooks from Papemelrotti and Karton. Nice stuff too.

  3. Filipinos are poseurs in nature. 😀

    My blockmates were gaga availing their very own SB planner. They told me that if you think about it, it’s free since you got coffee anyway. But it’s the classic cognitive dissonance so I’m not satisfied with that assertion. BTW, I got my 2008 planner in National Bookstore which costs just about 2 coffee cups from the elite brewing machine.

    Crocs on the other hand are originally designed and made for those who have feet injuries or disorders (that’s why they are designed like that and the material is expensive). The manufacturers planned to release it to the mainstream market so that everyone could avail. But I still believe that they are still for those who are having a hard time walking. When you go to Department of Rehabilitation Medicine in some hospitals, some doctors there would recommend you availing a pair if you have a feet injury.

    Lastly, Havaianas are really everywhere. They are expensive because of two things: 1. Import Tax plus E-VAT add to the market value. 2. Brazilian Rubber is the most expensive rubber in the world. I admit, I own multiple pairs. But I had them for investment purposes. I go to school everyday wearing only slippers. During my first year of stay, I have realized that local slippers easily get damaged (I commute, btw), so there, I have decided to buy some pairs. But as a general footwear, it’s not that recommended. 😀 And just lately, I realized that I need to invest in sneakers instead since my feet suck all the kinds of pollution in the metro. :O

  4. Hahaha funny. I completely agree with everything, but this one made me laugh the most:

    “Why Crocs? I asked one guy and he said that its lightweight and feels like you are not wearing anything. Then dont wear anything. Its cheaper that way.”

    Thanks for dropping by at from time to time, btw 🙂 Your comments are appreciated. I hope you don’t mind that I’ll link to this post someday, as I feel it’s relevant to the theme of the blog.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  5. You might like this (an entry from my orgmate’s blog :D)

    Thanks for the info. There are a lot of alternatives for the planners today. I saw the Jollibee planner also. There are two problems for me. (1) Its a bit heavy. Hardbound is attractive and durable but adds weight to my big bag that I bring to work. (2) Although the coupons are nice, it will mean that I would be going frequently to the fastfood chain. Its something I wanted to avoid. But I guess it better than an overpriced coffee and an overly pricely ensaymada. Hehehe. :D.

  6. duhhhh…. these are things we can live without!

    Kahit nga wala damit o sapatos mabubuhay ka di ba? 😀

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