Posted by: jinoe | May 27, 2008

Old times, Good times

I went home to Negros during the first week of May to start looking for vendors and venues for our wedding. I dropped by our house in Pontevedra to check out the stuffs I kept. It was a nostalgic moment as I saw my collections since elementary. My bookshelf and baul were full of it. The bookshelf and baul were quite antique as well. They were from my lola. This is were I kept those collections and memorabilias.


Long before those optical devices came around, this is the star of every household in the 80s. This is the second Betamax that we had. The first one was badly broken already. I saw this stashed away in a nipa hut and its old and rusty already.


This has gone thru a lot. Its the closest thing I could get to a laptop. It’s portable but heavy. I remember bringing it to school to finish a report. I still know how to insert the paper with a carbon paper behind it. I still know how to change the ribbon. And of course, I know how to correct errors using a liquid correcting ink popularly called, liquid paper!


Bulky analog cellphones. You can’t make text messages here. It was those times when your phonebook would only contain a few names. I received a few calls from this phone since my father lend it to me. And most of those calls are from him or from mama.


It used to be just kilobytes. Now, there are terabyte drives. These diskettes contains my DOS boot up disk for my high school projects, Pascal 7.0 and the projects themselves. I think one of them is a game, Pipe Dreams.

Coins and Bills

It started with a collection of tokens for arcades. I still have a token from Goldenfields Amusement Center, which was the first game arcade in Bacolod. Other tokens are from arcades in Plazamart, Gaisano, as well as those in Manila like Quantum, Glico’s and Worlds of Fun. Then I also have coins from different countries, old Philippine coins and Bagong Lipunan bills.


There are my letter collection from Quennie and also from friends in elementary and high school. I have a lot of them and I couldn’t read them all over again. But I got a chance to browse some of the letters and they were funny.



  1. Hehehe…

    Hambal nila reminiscing is a sign of old age….

    Indi man guid a. Hambal lg na nila ya.

  2. we also have the same old stuff you have – betamax, typewriter, analog cellphone, diskettes (from DOS games to win 3.1. hahaha!). our betamax is our second one, too. the first one, out of curiosity, i turned the dial at the back from 220V to 110V while it is still plugged into the ac outlet. voila! hehehe… well, i was around 6-7 y/o then. hehe…

    i also collect coins of different currencies and still have the box of letters. (btw, include the coins in my pasalubong. hehehe…) i used to have several pen friends during my elementary and high school years. i’m planning to throw or burn them ‘coz they’re collecting dirts but changed my mind after i dropped by your blog about old stuff. i guess, they’re worth remembering after all. i’ll just look for a nicer and sturdier box to keep them. but of course! i will never burn the letters i got from val. hehehe… =)

  3. uy, may collection man ko sa balay! theyre all safe in my grade 7 attache case.

    Palanca letters part? Ang inyo mga sulat sa akon budlay basahon kay may palibot-libot, liko-liko. Lagtok guid ta sg una ya.

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