Posted by: jinoe | March 11, 2008

My Road to Riches – Unwish List

Many people are making their list of needs and wants.  Maybe before the year starts, they have a list of things they want to have and own.  They will save for it and once they reach the price, they will buy it right away.

I have my own list too.  But its a list of what I should NOT buy for 2008.  I wont buy them since they are just my wants.  I wont buy them since I already own one and not interested in an upgrade.  I wont buy them since I cant afford it yet.

1.  Digital Camera – I want to have an Olympus 750SW camera.  It’s the one that can be used underwater.  I love swimming and snorkling and this camera is perfect for me.  But I already have a digital camera, a basic Canon A430.  So I don’t want to buy one yet.  But it got busted lately so I might have to bring this back to my wishlist.

2.  Digital SLR Camera – Many people are convincing me to get one.  I know I can make good shots with an SLR.  But I don’t want to make photography a hobby yet.  I should finish my thesis first, finish the wedding preperations and the wedding itself, do more ambigrams, and finish my paintings and sketches.  Once I can say I have accomplished my other hobbies, then I can start photography.

3.  Music Player – The new Ipod Touch is really tempting.  But I wont get one.  I am contented with my 1Gb Creative NuVo.

4.  Cellphone upgrade – Cellphones today have gone a long way.  Getting a new one can save me money since it will have a camera, a music player, pocket organizer and even an ebook reader.  But no.  I have made a pledge that my cellphone will be with me for the next 3 years.  I might get a new one for a retention plan with Smart but I would sell it.  Hehehe.

5.  PDA Phone – This is always in my list.  I really love to get one.  A PDA phone is a great solution to a bulky pocket.  My heart would stop whenever I see the new O2 phone models.  Palm had a huge price slash in it Treo 750 the last time.  But same as item 4, I will delay buying this one.

6.  Clothes – Last year, I had a wardrobe overhaul.  I made several purchases for shirts, pants, and shoes.  Thanks to my piggy bank.  At least I would buy one clothing every month.  This year, I will put a limit to it.  I know I need to buy a new running shoes, a black formal shoes and dress pants.  That’s it.  I should not buy shirts as well.  But well see.  I get impulsive when there is a sale on my favorite stores.

7.  5.1 Surround Speaker System – I have been setting my eyes on this one for years.  I love the crisp and the heart thumping sound of a Pioneer Sound System.  I even printed out a catalogue and had it hung in my room.  But until I can afford buying original DVDs will I buy this kind of monsters.  You won’t appreciate a 5.1 unless you buy original DVDs.

8.  A condo unit – This is quite a fad in the metro.  Having a unit is like a status symbol of a successful yuppie earning way up in the food chain.  I wont buy this for the simple reason, that I cant afford it.

As I intend to be frugal for the year, I would expect this list to go on.  Now that I wrote them down, I should print this page and put it in my pocket.  I guess I should be reminded of what I wrote here everytime I go to the malls.



  1. about the DSLR, i truly agree. getting into this hobby is freakin’ scary! katakot sa gastos!! don’t ask me. i’ll cry. :((

    but a point & shoot digicam? i think you should get one after your canon blew up. (1) think about the countless moments you’ll fail to capture while waiting, (2) you’re really great in photography. it’s a gift. if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. parable sa Bible yan. Hala ka! Hehe! kaya ako na unang mangungulit!




    Sabi ko nga ba at ikaw yung unang mangungulit e. Basta snub muna yung DSLR. Yung Point-n-shoot, nakikihiram pa naman ako. No need to buy yet. Unless…. 😀

  2. hmmm…..almost lahat ng nilagay mo gusto ko..wahaha…magkapareho mga hilig natin…although im planning to get a cam, wag nalang muna this time as long as im working for my cpmpany….ga work ko bro sa isa ka camera company..ahehe..teh libre sa amon ang cam.

    grrrr…i should make one too!!

    Libre cam sa inyo? Basi may ginapanghatag pa da, ari lg ko di a. 😀

  3. “Music Player – The new Ipod Touch is really tempting. But I wont get one. I am contented with my 1Gb Creative NuVo” – hay, gusto ko nito.. obsessed na nga yata ako sa ipod touch. creative din ang gamit ko.

    Maganda naman talaga kasi. The guys at Apple really know what people want.

  4. Good luck sa pagtitiis… ako di ko kakayanin ang ganyan. hehehe. okay sige kaya ko, except for #6. 😉

    Oo nga e… yung ang mahirap kasi abot kaya kapag may sale. 😀

  5. I agree with you about SLR, since it seems to me you do have lots of hobbies already. Hobby should come out from your passion stemming from your heart’s desire to unwind, relax to continue being productive and bringing out the best in you, not from someone just because it may be developing as a trend. However, should your heart desires to move in photography, it is not really that expensive compared to other hobbies like shopping, etc, since most of the items you buy can last you a lifetime if you’re careful with your choices. Only that your needs keep on adding for new lens, etc., but then again, if careful enough, it stays for years, unlike cellphones, etc. I do not think you need camera in cell phones, it will just make your cell phone more expensive but you may end up paying for more for a feature you will less likely use or not use at all, unless you get contented with how the cell phone’s lens capture a picture. Neways, keep up with your wise budgeting skills.

    Good catch on the cellphone cam. Although its really pretty handy for those moments that you wish you have a nice camera with you.

  6. aha! i thought you were NOT going to buy a digicam hehehe. hard to resist eh? hehehe.

    Oo nga e. My current cam got busted last January. I dont want to buy yet but its becoming clear that I have to get one. Anyway, I got friends who are willing to let me borrow their cam. So, I might be able to keep my self-imposed rule.

  7. Go to Quiapo, they’re selling SW 1030 for 14500 🙂 Much cheaper than buying in Mega Mall etc. Used this during our trip in Pundaquit, sulit naman.

    I believe this is the one in Hidalgo. 😀 Dun mismo ako bibili kung sakali. Thanks.

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