Posted by: jinoe | February 28, 2008

The Making of Generation Spoiled

Once there was a generation of Baby Boomers, then the Generation X, and now I see the children today as the Generation Spoiled.  As I look at children today and how their parents treat them, I can say that they are a bunch of spoiled brats.  Of course, not all of them.  But the world has provided these children a lifestyle of luxury, distraction and instant gratifications.  I pity them for they will not enjoy the things I enjoyed when I was a kid.  Definitely, the 80s kid had so much fun than the kids today.

Spoiled Reason #1:  Kids today are spoiled by having cellphones more complicated than mine.  I see elementary kids flashing them out and texting their friends while in the jeepney,  in the school campus or in the malls.  Parents buy them so that they can be in contact with their kids especially during emergencies.  Do they really need them?  And I wonder if the kids will even text them often with their cellphones.  And because they spend more time on their cellphones, they will miss playing cops and robbers after school while waiting for the school service.  They will miss playing word games like P-A-N-T-S with their classmates.  They will miss playing with the seesaw, swing, and the monkey bars.

Spoiled Reason #2:  Kids today are spoiled by having portable console games.  It is on top of their wishlist every Christmas.  And parents will be happy to buy them one.  You wont see kids playing tubiganay, lagsanay, or buta-buta in your neighbor.  But you’d see one rich kid holding proudly the latest console game in front of their gate while the other kids would stare with envy behind him.  I have never seen so much pride at such a young age.  They will miss the cheap ways to have real and clean fun with other kids.  The console games will transform me into a knight, a magical being or a super hero.  But I’d rather be transformed into a tatay when playing balay-balay as long as my childhood sweetheart plays the nanay part. 

Spoiled Reason #3:  Kids today are spoiled by having their cars mounted with mini-DVD monitors.  Parents buy it for the kids so that they wont be bored during a long ride.  Well, traffic in the city is really boring.  But back in the province where we travel  more than one hour to see our relatives, we dont need DVDs.  Kids today will miss pulling down the car window and enjoy the great scenery that the country side has to offer.  They will miss the warm breeze rushing thru their face when the car runs at 80 kph.  They will miss the excitement of being scolded when they place their hands outside the window.  And they will miss the game of being the first to spot old VW Beetle cars, shouting “ba-o!” and knocking your seatmates on the head as a reward.

Spoiled Reason #4:  Kids today are spoiled after strong typhoons when there will be long brownouts.  Their parents are concerned that their kids will have a hard time adjusting to the dark, or the kids getting uncomfortable at home since the basic luxuries of the fan, aircon, ref and TV are not available.  The kids wont be able to sleep or study well.  So they go to the nearest hotel or even motels that have 24×7 generator.  Kids today will miss the scary stories being told during brownouts.  These stories are better than the movies.  They will miss playing with their shadows in front of the candle.  They will miss playing hide-and-seek during the dark.  They will miss how the candle will dance when you blow them lightly and the excitement of watching the last seconds of a candle giving out its last light.

Spoiled Reason #5:  Kids today are spoiled by going to the malls every weekend.  The parents today lack creativity.  Family bonding means going to the mall.  But then, most of them bond only when inside the car.  Once they are in the mall, the father visits the latest car accessories, the mother do the groceries, the kids are at the play place or internet stations.  Then they’d meet again for lunch or dinner and go home.  Kids today will miss the weekends when their mother makes merienda for them and their playmates.  They will miss the early morning jog with their father or making a kite together.  They will miss riding the bike to the nearest creek on weekends.  They will miss climbing up the datilis tree and making it as their imaginary castle.

I may be ranting for the things I was deprived of when I was a kid.  I never owned a personal gadget.  The malls, the playplace and enflated giant slides doesnt exist yet.  But the small and simple things I had back then were more than enough to compensate for what I lacked.  And these little things I had when I was a kid are the reasons I look forward to living another day despite the pressure and this rat race.  It has assured me that I can live and enjoy life even with nothing at all.  Can the kids today have the same assurance?



  1. You sound like a cranky old man.

    1. Not every kid has a cell phone, because not every family can afford it.

    2. Not every kid has a portable console game, because not every family can afford it.

    3. Not every kid rides in a car with a DVD console.

    4. Not every kid is affected by a typhoon, because most places on earth aren’t affected by typhoons. Even if the power goes out, most people don’t go to a hotel. They stay at home and turn on a flashlight.

    5. Who goes to the mall every weekend? Many kids have sports and other activities to attend.

    Nice kids you have back there. 😀

  2. sang-ayon ako sa iyo kuya. wala ng patintero sa lugar namin. pero ang kinaibahan lang siguro ng obserbasyon mo sa nakikita ko ay ang pagkamatay ng kultura natin. may mga laro pa din sa kalsada namin, pero kitang-kita ang impluwensya ng kanluran. Ang patintero napalitan na ng basketball, ang habulan pinalitan ng “crip-walk,” ang taguan pinalitan na ng “DOTA.” Dami nagbago, wala na din yun pagkasabik ng kabataan sa “saturday morning cartoons” na dati nagkukumpulan ang mga magkakalaro sa panonood ng bioman.

  3. amen to you Jin.

  4. i feel for you! it’s quite a challenge, especially for a parent like me, to get a child to be more creative and physically active these days.

  5. Wala lang… Nothing left to do for my production support duty this Sunday… And I have to stay for 2 more hours! Waah!

    Seems like in this entry you are gently ushering yourself to the upcoming challenge of being a family man…

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