Posted by: jinoe | February 18, 2008

When the cat is away…

Quennie left last Saturday for Madrid.  She will be there for two weeks for a company training.  And since she is already in Europe, she decided to make a personal trip to Paris.  Damn.  While I was able to take a picture of the Eiffel Tower mock-up in Las Vegas, I envy Quennie for being able to take a picture of the real thing.

She have waited for 5 years for this oppurtunity.  I was able to make short visits to 3 countries for business trips.  It was a great experience seeing new people and learning a new culture.  I know this will be an unforgettable experience for her.  But sad to say, I think she won’t enjoy it as much since I am not with her.  Hahaha…  It would be cold there this February (7 deg C).  That should provide more agony on her part.

So here is a list for her to do in Madrid and especially in Paris so that she will not miss me.

  1. Visit the 3 art museums at the Paseo del Arte in Madrid and get me a big replicas of the works of my favorite Spanish painters:  Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali.   Huhuhu… I just can imagine what it will be like staring at the real paintings of these masters.  My hair starts to rise just thinking about it.  I have a feeling that if I am the one who is there in Madrid, I would be overwhemled by the paintings that I’d go back here, leave my job and pursue my supressed passion for painting.
    • I’ve read that the Prado Museum has the biggest collection of the works of Goya and Velasquez and some masterpieces by Durer and Rembrant.  Oh my…
    • Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza contains works on the Impressionism and Post-impressionism period.  That means there are paintings by Monet, Pissaro, Renoir and my favorite Van Gogh.  It has an exhibition of the works of Modigliani this month.  He’s a cool artist who loves to paint his subjects with really long necks.  One painting I can’t forget is the painting of her wife while being pregnant.
    • Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia is the permanent house for Picasso’s Guernica.  I think I’m going to faint.
  2. Walk around the Fuente de la Cibeles 3 times in Madrid.  Just like I used to do near the school chapel.  If its more than three, much better.  And I’d love it if she will do it while singing the Carpenter’s song, This Masquerade.
  3. Visit Louvre Musuem in Paris and draw me Mona Lisa.  At want to see how Mona Lisa looks like.  Maganda rin kaya siya sa personal?  So her drawing has to look as accurate as the one hanged at Louvre.
  4. Go up the Eiffel tower and shout my name.  Just the way she shouts my name when I’m on top of her… toenails.
  5. Write me a letter while sitting by the river banks of Seine in Paris.  Many painter, poets, and songwrters were inpired by this river and made a lot of works of art.  So that letter should be a work of art.  I will put it in a frame and hang it proudly at my office.

This list might be too much already for her.  I know she will enjoy her stay in those places.  I wish her to be safe and not be lost since she sometimes dont know where the north and south is.  And she is still confused between the east and the west.  She doesn’t have to bring me pasalubongs.  As along as she completes the 5 tasks, I’m happy.

As for me, I think I’ll survive 3 weeks without her.  I’ll just follow the saying that “When the cat is away, the mouse…. is alone.”   😀



  1. hahahhaaha ayos tong post na to! She will enjoy that’s for sure!

  2. nyahaha! i really enjoy reading your blog jin… =)

  3. hoy jinoe, abi ko kung sino gd ni si Manokan Express hehehe… wordpress ka gle, ako multiply ko ya hehehe! you have account sa multiply? add ko kamo kay some post are for contacts only hehehe. hehehe congrats sa engagement nyo ni Quennie!! happy for you, at last friend!! nauna lang ko bi hehehe.

    hubby ko settled na sa EU man, so I know how it feels na mahisa sa travels nila hehehe hopefully makaapas nako as soon as possible. Musta na?

    Hello Jarms!!! Kmusta na? Mayo man nakalabay ka di. Kung makaapas ka sa EU pabatyag lg da a. Add ta man ka sa Multiply.

  4. hi..was just wondrin if u erased the “short story”.:D i forgot what the title sayang..bsta it was like bout a guy(hu had full of regrets) nd d gurl(hu became pregnant) who didnt end up together.. hmm..mind posting it again?!?hihi..thanks it kasi eh..:DGodbless

    I sent you an email. Or look for the search section in the sidebar and type in Torpe Diary. Thanks for dropping by.

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