Posted by: jinoe | January 24, 2008

Ambigram – Karina

Here’s a new ambigram design for Karina.  It’s a design for my high school friend and will be printed on a shirt.  This design was a bit modified to make it more attractive for shirts.

I always struggle whenever I work with the letter K.  It’s one of the letters that is always hard to solve in an ambigram design.  In this design, I managed to make it work by adding an ornament (my friend called it burloloy).  I was glad that the final design looks clean and feminine.

And some advertisment :D.  Here’s a gift you may want to give for Valentine’s.  Visit my Multiply site for details. 



  1. i wood like for you to help me with the name ROSEMARIE THANK YOU

  2. thats a good design.

  3. This is for our valentine blogging activity! Have fun posting your own date of date of birth, together with the name of your love one on the first string! See my whole post and comment for more information. Have fun! (year of birth not included! ^^)

    (whoah! that ambigram is really interesting! i hope i can also have a design myself. syempre o order ako. hehe)

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