Posted by: jinoe | December 17, 2007

Save Tanon Strait – Ilonggo and Cebuano Bloggers UNITE!

Save Tanon Strait by signing the online petition here.

Tanon Strait separates Negros and Cebu.  It is a home to almost 50% of the dolphins and whales species found in the Philippines making one of the highest concentration of marine mammals in the country.  This reflects the rich marine life in this part of my island.  It is also one of the major fishing grounds of Central Visayas and a major supplier of squids.  (Map taken from

Tanon Strait is important to the provinces of Negros and Cebu.  This is where fishermen get their living to have those calamares on your plate.  The whales and dolphin has become a tourist attraction in Eastern Negros.  I haven’t been there yet but I want to go there and experience the famous whale watching myself.

However, the Philippines government allowed Japan Petroleum Exploration, Ltd (Japex) to start doing oil exploration last 2004.  This is despite the strong opposition from the local fisherfolk associations in the area.  Last November, Energy Secretary Reyes announced that the drilling will start within the same month.  Of course, this is for the good of the Filipino people.  Really?  Or is this something to fatten some pockets again?

And what are the costs?

Japex started to do profiling studies in the strait since 2005 by firing explosive charges on the ground.  This is in hope to find rich oil deposits which they expect to harvest 1 billion barrels of oil.   However, the explosions has already resulted to significant fish catch reduction, several fish kills due to the explorations, and a decline in dolphin sightings.  This year, the drillings threaten the mating patterns of the dolphins and whales due to the loud blasts from exploration activities conducted in the area.

So are you just gonna sit there and do nothing?  Hop to another blog and read something to make you laugh?

Join me in supporting 170 marine scientist in a petition to stop the oil drilling in Tanon Strait.  Click on this link and sign.  We need at least 1,000 signatures and make yourself be counted.  These scientists have been actively opposing the drilling and they need our help.

Do you want to see dolphins and whales when you travel in Negros and Cebu?  Do you want to have to fishes and squids on your plates?  Then sign up.  And if you could leave a comment below, please do.

Read more about the Tanon Strait:
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Endangered Strait: Report of the Fact-Finding Mission on Tañon Strait Oil Exploration –



  1. thank you jin! May you become the match stick that will light many candles of englightenment. Bloggers can do something! And let’s all spread the fire and fry the sorry asses of these people who want to destroy our environment.

  2. bords,pano ko kabulig?ma post lang something like this?

    You can help by simply signing the petition online at Or you may want to have another post and spread the word. We’d really like to have that. Salamat guid.

  3. haven’t been to tanon strait but i;’m aware of its importance to both fishermen and ecotourism tnx

  4. Thanks for advocating this Jin. Hopefully, the petition will be heard so that we can continue to preserve our natural resources and maintain ecological balance. I surely want to have fishes and squids on my plate.

  5. bords! malipayon nga paskwa sa imo kag sa imo pamilya.

  6. This is a cool blog worth reading. Congrats and I just submitted my signature….Abante….

  7. Hi,

    nice blog!


  8. Stop oil exploration in Tañon Strait or else will end up in destruction like the movie 2012 which will be more worse…….and it’s possible to happen….

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