Posted by: jinoe | December 14, 2007

My Road to Riches – Cents Matters

Would waste your time for 25 cents?

This is what I hate when buying in department stores.  They ask you to pay 499.75 but they wont have a change for your 500 bill.  You have been taxed by the government.  They placed a mark-up on the price.  And now they wont even give you your change.  I, the consumer, end up losing money.  But what can 25 cents buy nowadays?  Why bother? 

I agree that’s 25 cents doesn’t have much value or it’s insignificant.  But I just wanted to teach them a lesson.  It may not mean much to me.  But to them, the stores are getting rich just because of these 25 cents that doesn’t belong to them. 

Here’s how.  Everyday, I can approximate more than 10,000 people go to the department stores and groceries and buy something.  Let’s say, 10% of the time, they don’t have 25 cents for the customers.  That’s 1,000 people giving away 25 cents.  This is equivalent to 250 pesos that goes to the stores for nothing.  If this happens everyday, they earn about 90,000 a year just for nothing.  They don’t even get taxed for the 90,000 since it wont reflect in their books.  So here are the rich mall tycoons, earning 90,000 a year for nothing.  Fair?  Nah.  So cents matters!

Last night, I had this scenario.  The cashier could give me my 25 cents.  She politely asked if it’s ok that she doesn’t have 25 cents to give me.

I politely said, “No”.

Probably, unprepared with my reply, she started opening her drawer and desperately looked for 25 cents.  She acted so well to show me she was doing her best to come up with it.  But of course, no amount of turning the bills and sliding the drawers will produce 25 cents.  She looked at me, shrugged and frowned but I just smiled back at her.  I was willing to wait.

She started asking for the other 3 cashiers if they have a change in their stash.  All three said they have none.  Whaaat!!! Here’s a mall that earns billions a year and yet they can’t produce 25 cents!!!  The cashier looked at me again hoping I’d give up.  But I just smiled.  I was willing to wait.

So the cashier, approached her supervisor for help.  Finally, someone in authority to help me.  My mistake, she was just as helpless as the others.  She can’t come up with 25 cents.  She shook her head to the cashier to say she have none.  She gave me a glance hoping I got her message.  I just smiled.  I was willing to wait.

The supervisor got my message instead that I’m not giving up my 25 cents.  Not that easy.  So she told the cashier something.  The cashier approached me and told me to just pick up my package from the other counter.  I’d just wait there and she’d be back with my 25 cents.

I said ok.  I’ll wait there.

I went to the receiving counter and waited for my change.  In my mind, I was thinking how long can I keep up with this.  I have wasted more than 10 minutes already just for 25 cents.  Should I just leave since I have witnessed that they exhausted every effort to come up with it?  It’s just 25 cents.  Why bother?

The person from the counter gave me my item.  I was about to turn around and face the cashier to see how she was doing with my 25 cents when I got a tap on my shoulder.

“Sir, we’re sorry we can’t find any 25 cents.”  And she placed something on my palm.  It was a 1-peso coin.  I said thanks and left the store.

So I got paid for my persistence.  Instead of 25 cents, I got 1-peso.  Not bad.  Now, it is significant.  Cents matters.



  1. wow. i rili admire ur guts. i rili wanted 2 do dat but i jst can’t coz i cant stand confrontation. i biliv u wen u say dat its not abt d money coz dts how i feel 2 esp. 2 jeepney drivers hu wud humiliate passengers coz dey didnt pay d exact fare but wudnt even bother to give d exact change!

    But sometimes I would be kind to these drivers. They need the few cents more than I do.

  2. That’s what you call an empowered consumer. Two thumbs up!

  3. true! cents matters, specially nowadays when funds are really scarce.

    This is exactly what His Eminence, Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales has pushed through, from Pondo ng Batangan, and now, the Pondo ng Pinoy 🙂

    Sometimes we tend to disregard the little things, the minute details…what we don’t realize is that, when these little things are put together, they make up the bigger piece 🙂

    Kudos to you for not giving up your small piece 🙂

  4. […] the bigger piece Posted on December 15, 2007 by kristine sendy I chanced upon this blog of Manokan Express> and I have to say I admire a man who does exactly what he […]

  5. ang galing mo naman… Bravo!

  6. exactly what every customer should be doing!

  7. Ill take your story bossing and learn from it..thanks for sharing..

  8. *smiles*

    another realization.ü. thanks.üü

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