Posted by: jinoe | December 11, 2007

Ambigram + Bleach Art

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  1. magaling… magaling… magaling…
    gusto ko nga hulamon ang comment ni abyan gladita…

    ‘indi bala mas manami mag celebrate sg christmas tungod sa gift giving? teh, la gid ta da? heheheā€¦’

    Ehehehe… I know I still owe you an ambigram. Haven’t done it yet since I was busy working with the other designs for the shirts. Makahingagaw gd na for Christmas a.

  2. ey bro!dis shirt rocks!!how much is dis??can I buy one???pero dapat barato lang ha..xmas bala….hehhe..

    Yep, the shirts are for sale. Although I suggest you wait for the other designs. We’re trying to see if we can use other printing techniques like silk screen or spray paints. Just to give people more options. Bleach art already looks good but still unconventional for others. Barato lg ni bords. Ikaw pa. Hehehe.

  3. Hey Jin, this is good. Got lots of potential. Daw busy man guru family mo di sa Bacolod no? Ako na lang na di mabaligya. hehehe…Am serious.

  4. pahabol: ma order ko ha para ako na lng dayon ma model. gladita maldita. hehehe….excited na ko.

    Gladita, Im also excited to produce more prints. We just sold a handful last week sa bazaar and got orders due this week. Pero hinay hinay lg ko anay. I’ll work on a few more designs, work on several color options and setup my web space for my shirts. Then, Im ready to receive more orders. It wont take long. Pabakasyona man ko be anay.

  5. great shirts! now you’ll need really good looking people to model the shirts on the site. hehe!

  6. bords, email ko b sang information if ara na ang mga samples….agud ako gid una..samalat…email lang ko sa…salamat bossing!

    Argh… pressure pressure. Im setting up the website sa Multiply where I will post my ambigram tshirt designs and my future designs. Basi next week, online na sya with all the ordering info needed. Pero kung gusto mo guid makauna da, I’ll send you an mail. May nakabakal na na iban sa bazaar e kag mga friends may orders naman. So indi ikaw ang una guid. Sori bords.

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