Posted by: jinoe | December 6, 2007

STOP acting like kids… and do it like the farmers

The news is depressing.  They are all acting like kids.  I wonder how our country will grow up if the people themselves don’t think like grown ups.  When problems arise, they don’t act like mature individual who would sit down together and have a atmosphere of open communication.  They’d rather run and hide behind the media and make stupid statements as if everyone likes to listen.  I want to drag them and spank them until their ears bleed.

Like kids playing basketball – Trillanes vs GMA.  The Manila Peninsula standoff is a very good example of adults acting like kids.  Here is Trillanes begging for a piece of candy.  Maybe he is upset because he is given the same eggnog for several years and wanted a piece of Belgian chocolate given to the other kids.  So what will he do?  Cry on top of a foot stool, of course.  So he goes first to Oakwood and whine.  GMA gave taught him a lesson that day.  But like stubborn kids, they never learn.  So he tried to change his strategy.  He tried to find supporters by running for a senate position.  Just like kids playing basketball and losing the game, he’d look for other kids to join him.  By the time he thinks he gets a bigger and better team, he’ll execute another plan.  This time it’s at the Manila Peninsula.   But GMA still has a better team and won the game.  Now, she’s so fed up that she doesn’t want to play anymore.  So she decided that the basketball court will be temporarily closed.

I think Trillanes made a wrong move.  Many people want change in the system.  But what kind of change?  I don’t think the opposition could even make the change we wanted.  And base on the previous People Power, there are three key elements to follow for such action to succeed.  First, find a worthy replacement that the people can trust.  Second, let the people do the marching first.  And third, do the crying on the open streets, not in closed hotels.  Trillanes terribly failed in all three.  Not once, but twice.

And oh Gloria.  I find the curfew overacting.  Maybe its the fact that my freedom has been violated.  That’s why I hated that order.  I paid taxes for those streets.  So I can walk on it whenever, wherever.

Like kids who broke a vase – Edu Manzano vs Bong Revilla.  This news is just funny.  I really don’t know how it started.  These kids knows how to tell their story.  I know there are certain detail as to why the word war started.  But what sticked into my head are those childish comments and fingerpointing.  Like kids, they started pointing to who was responsible for the failure of the raid in some areas.  And like kids, the issue was full of irrelevant comments.  Edu thought that Bong is just showing off since he has an upcoming movie for the Manila Filmfest.  And Bong says, Edu’s work with the OMB was below average.

Small things gone big and without any basis.  I wonder what will happen next.  But I have a feeling this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Why can’t they do it like them? –  The Sumilao Farmers.  They don’t have much power to create change.  They don’t have much money to create change.  But they have the biggest heart that can make the change.  And this is what mature individuals should emulate.  In a battle between the rich and the poor, usually the rich wins.  But I pray to see a difference here.

No guns.  No trash words.  Just a sincere march from Mindanao to Luzon to present their plea before the president.  It took them almost two months to walk all the way from Mindanao.  The walk from Makati Court to Manila Peninsula was nothing.  When I see them in pictures or videos, I can’t help but feel the same for them.  Not anger because they were oppressed.  Not vengeance because they were tricked.  But I feel compassion for what they are fighting for.  If they need people to join them in the streets, count me in.

Our leaders may have the same heart like them and the same passion for change.  But they don’t act like them.  I sometimes wonder what is different with the Sumilao farmers that they easily captured my support.  But one thing is sure, they are not acting like kids here.



  1. mabuhay si jinoe! este Pilipinas pala hehehe tama ka sa mga punto mo

  2. great read. i hope the sumilao farmers get what they ask for.. or at least something that would really help them.

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