Posted by: jinoe | November 26, 2007

5th Animo Run

This is the first Animo Run that we have participated.  The fun run is organized yearly by the DLSU Running Club.  We got good feedbacks about the way the fun run was organized last time.  So this year, we decided to take part. 

5th Animo Run

We had very little practice before the race.  I was only able to run 5kms last week and that’s all.  Que had about 40 minutes on the treadmill.  This is too little compared to how we prepared for our previous runs.  But still we signed up for the 10K run.  I just prepared myself for whatever bodyaches I would be getting after running.

Starting Line

We arrived at 5pm at the registration booth near the SM Mall of Asia IMAX theater.  We were able to register online so we just got our race packet at the booth.  The online registration was very convenient.  We just paid at any BDO branches and waited for the confirmation from the organizers.  Although, the confirmation through email was wasn’t that fast.  I only received it the day before the race.  Good thing I was able to open my email.  But the receipt was enough to prove I was able to register.

Warming up

Since we arrived early, we had plenty of time to warm up.  They say that the warm up is very important.  But we don’t do it often since, we are usually late for the race.  But this time, we have one hour until the race starts.  To keep us awake, we did some stretching and jog with other runners.

The Race

The race started on time.  As usual, we were crowded at the first few meters.  It was hard to find a place to run without bumping with another runner.  Others took the other side of the road and came back on track when it was spacious enough to run.  This is the problem I see when the fun run is at MOA.  The road is a bit small to accommodate all runners.  But what I like at MOA is that the runners own the road.  No cars, no bikes, no smoke, no noise, no interruptions.

And since it was organized by La Salle, I get to see the beautiful ladies from the school.  Maybe that’s why my neck is aching.  It was busy turning left and right and around to see the ladies in front and those behind me.  So whenever Quennie is lagging behind, I would ask her to run faster since I want to overtake the lady in front and get a glimpse at her face.  Hehehe.

Chasing the runners

Whenever I run, I always look for a target to overtake.  This helps me maintain my pace and finish with a good time.  When we were past the 5km mark, we saw a couple ahead of us.  They had a good pace and have a good distance ahead.  We decided to make sure we finish ahead of them.  We have a goal now.

The next three kilometers we would run passed them and then walk.  When we walk, they would overtake us again.  Then they’d walk and we’d overtake them.  Then we would walk and they’d be ahead.  Quennie was having a hard time catching up but she was determined. 

At the 8km mark, we found them slowing down.  We continued jogging until they stopped.  We also stopped behind them and walked along.  We thought we had an advantage.  Although we run slower, Que and I can run longer before walking again while they would run fast and then stop after a few minutes later.

When they started running, we followed.  As expected, they were ahead of us.  But then, they started walking again.  We continued running and once again overtook them.  This time, they were not able to catch up.  We just kept running and made a wider lead.  Even if we never won a medal, we were happy to reach our own goal.  We also broke our previous time of 1 hour 24 mins.  This time we finished the race at 1 hr and 17 mins.

The aftermath

We went home so tired.  That’s why we missed lunch and woke up at 2 o’clock in the afternoon.  No bodyaches after one day.  This is good.  But I need to practice more.  I am planning to join the Subic Marathon next year.  This time, it will be at 21K.  I have less than 60 days to go.



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