Posted by: jinoe | November 19, 2007

Seeing the other side of Negros

I just got back from a 5-day trip to the other side of Negros.  I have visited Negros Oriental, Apo Island and Siquijor.  A great vacation before the year ends. 

Although I grew up in Bacolod and visited several town in Negros Occidental, I have never been to Negros Oriental.  When Cebu Pacific offered the Piso Fare early this year, Dumaguete became the target destination.  Quennie and I planned for the trip.  My high school friend, Portia, invited us over to come to her place in Dumaguete and suggested to visit Apo Island and Siquijor also.  That will be three destinations in a week.  We were excited.

A hectic travel schedule

From Bacolod, we took the bus to Dumaguete on an early Monday morning.  It takes typically 5 hours to get there.  But it was even slower when we passed through a fog.  Visibility was only up to 10 meters, so the driver has to move slowly to avoid accidents.  The road was relatively smooth going to Dumaguete.  We had a few stop-overs at Kabankalan and Bais.  Never thought it was easy.

We visited some places in Dumaguete and stayed for a night.  The next day, Tuesday, we were off to Apo Island.  Apo Island is south of Dumaguete.  We drive to Zamboanguita and took a boat to the island.  The island was small.  It is only a dot on the Philippine map.  But it is a great island for diving and snorkling.  The rock formations are beautiful.  I would wonder how those rocks got there in the first place.

We stayed for a night at Apo Island.  The next day we returned back to Dumaguete and took a ferry to Siquijor Island.  It was the last trip to Siquijor takes only an hour and we arrived there Wednesday evening.  There was nothing spooky in there.  The place was peaceful. 

We woke up Thurday morning for a big road trip.  Siquijor is about 75 kms in circumference.  You can ride around the island in less than a day.  We visited beaches, churches, a falls, resorts and a cemetery.  Of all the places we visited, we found Siquijor the most exciting.

We went back to Dumaguete Friday morning and prepared for our flight to Manila in the afternoon.

Wanting to go back

The trip was enough to say I have been there and seen that.  But 5 days was not enough to really experience the places we have been to.  I might go back there and stay longer.  So Portia, just be ready with the chocolate cake again.  Thanks for everything.

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  1. Sa sunod, lain naman ah…. maybe something with chocolate, caramel an cream that looks like Baluarte rock in Apo Island? hahaha We look forward to having you back…. next time, we go diving ok?

    Practice pa kami langoy. I can float as long as I want but I am not yet that comfortable underwater. It’s an unknown territory to me. I dont know when the next jellyfish will sting or when the next predator will make me its food.

  2. Wow, I’ll defenitely look into visiting Negros one of these days!

  3. Hello Guys,

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