Posted by: jinoe | October 31, 2007

Ambigram – Modee

Here’s an ambigram request from my officemate – Modee.  Quite a unique name and I sometimes wonder where that name came from.  But she says that its easy to remember the name by associating it with the word “model”.  That closely describes her as well.  So I made an ambigram that seems to be fit for a model.

Ambigram - Modee

This was my second design.  The M and the -ee part came well.  I was able to manage making the o-d inversion and it looked good.  I had several drafts on that one.  I thought that sticking the o to the M will not look good.  Somehow, it worked it.  I was happy about this design.

Modee is engaged to Ebet.  I am trying to finalize the ambigram for her fiancee too.  I was not satified of the first draft yet.  Anyway, best wishes to both of you.

I almost missed my one ambigram design post per month quota.  Whew.

For ambigram requests, commissions and inquires, click here and fill up the form with your request and contact details.

To view my other ambigrams, click here.



  1. mahirap yan ah! amazinG!

  2. u hav the gift man! i even let ma’gurlfren see all ur ambigrams n she told me that she’d like u to make her one too… well i made a request earlier befo’ i wrote this so maybe i’ll ask u to make her one next time.

    much props! keep doin wut ya doin! thanks!

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