Posted by: jinoe | October 19, 2007

The Big Guns of Corregidor

We went to Corregidor last October 1.  It was supposed to be the day before, but there was a storm signal level 1 in Manila and Corregidor.  It was the day after that the weather was better but still the rain keeps coming.  But no amount of rain could stop us from enjoying our trip.

A Little History

My history classes could have been more interesting if we did a tour of Corregidor.  Corregidor was situated at the mouth of Manila Bay making it a strategic location for naval defense.  It is known all over the world for its key role in World War II.  Corregidor became the headquarters of the Allied Forces in the pacific.  It was from this island that President Manuel Quezon and General Douglas MacArthur held thier offices but later left for Australia.

Going to Corregidor

The tour was provided by Sun Cruises.  We left at around 8:00am.  There were more foreigners joining the tour than the locals.  The weather made the trip to the island very rough but we arrived safely.

What’s on “The Rock”

From the postcards, I was assuming I would only see big cannons and ruins in the island.   But there was more.  It was a history trip for me.  The tour guides were very informative and they can tell you the story of the war as if it happened yesterday.  Every place we have visited has a story to tell.  There were different kinds of cannons, eerie ruins, a good musem and a lot of parks.  The whole place looked alive with trees all over.  As if a war never happened on it.  Unless the tour guides will point out, you’d realize that you are actually standing on a spot that was hit by bomb.  The postcards I see of Corregidor looks good.  But the place itself was so much better.

I totally love the place and I would recommend it to those who loves to travel around the Philippines.  I can’t describe everything in details but to give more sights just visit my photos at Multiply.

No souvernirs?

I love collecting ref magnets from places I have been to.  Imagine my disappointment when I saw the ref magnet designs at the souvenir shops.  I was expecting relevant icons like cannons, guns or WWII insignias.  But what is that dolphin or turtle doing on the refrigirator?  They’re the same magnets you can buy at Puerto Galera or Boracay except that the words Corregidor are written on it.  Of course, you have other options like t-shirts, caps, fans and others.  I hope they will sell other items like real bullets from WWII or miniature cannons.  I think it will be a hit especially with foreign visitors.

If you are interested in going Corregidor, visit for more info.



  1. From the ruins you can tell that it was once a majestic place. Nice trip, Jin, a good break from the usual beach and booze =)

  2. Lol, I forgot to log off my other account…I made the first comment btw =)

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