Posted by: jinoe | October 14, 2007

Scary People in Manila

Haloween is still far away but I am writing about the people I am scared of in Manila.  As much as possible I avoid them.  But they are everywhere and I often need to meet them.  I wonder why they get scary here in Manila when in Bacolod I don’t have problems dealing with them.  Maybe the pollution have made them evolve into something that reminds me of the monsters under my bed.

1.  Barbers.  It must be that first haircut I had in Manila.  It was a difficult experience.  In Bacolod, I can directly tell them what I want.  Nipis sa kilid, indi pag ibanan sa babaw, medyo laba sa likod.  I can easily explain to them through my own dialect.  But in Manila, I cant translate it effectively.  I tried but we never got into an understanding.  My first barber was gay and he gave me an entertainment magazine instead.  I will just point to what ever I want and he’ll do it.  Come on, I can never look like on of these actors.  So I just used the term that is familiar to all haircutters — “Barbers cut”.  So I end up having a barbers cut everytime I get a haircut in Manila.

2.  Taxi Drivers.  I avoid them at all costs.  I have plenty of unpleasant encounters with them.  I got scolded for telling him to make a turn 3 seconds too late.  I was excessively charged from the airport to Coastal mall thinking I was an OFW.  I was not given a change for my 100 pesos when my fare was only 80 pesos since the driver doesnt have a change yet.  I get snobbed by the drivers during rush hours very often because they prefer certain places to service.  Grrrr…  I can think of words from hell to describe them but I want this blog to be wholesome.

3.  Promo people.  I had a hard time thinking of the third group of scary people.  But last weekend, we went to Megamall and they were there at the stairs near the entrance.   “Sir, congrats.  You are wearing our color of the day.  You win a special prize”  “Sir, we have free movie tickets for you.”  They employ a lot of tactics to lure you.  Then, they’d snatch you aside and will illegally detain you until you sign up for something.  Before you know it, your shopping plans are ruined.  These people will also call you up to ask if you are interested in credit cards, loans, phone shopping, and special offers.  They are annoying but the lesser evil compared to those kidnappers at SM.



  1. Sama mo na din ung mga taga Family First Insurance sa sm na lagi nanghahabol ng tao at tatanong kung me credit card sila… they are more on ANNOYING 😀 :p

    Sila nga mismo yung mga “kidnappers” sa Megamall. Kaya kapag nasa Megamall ako, mas gusto ko na naka simpleng T-shirt at shorts para mukha akong walang kapera-pera. Hindi nila ako lalapitan. Hehehe.

  2. kadlaw ko sa imo nga 1st scary people in manila. yes, its true. it’s hard to explain something out of your mother tongue..

    I just got my haircur after 3 months. And guess what? It’s barber’s cut.

  3. erm, scary din yung mga gustong magpapalit ng GCs into cash sa SM, nahayyyy…

  4. Mayo nalang buot ang mga driver sang cebu…may nakaway man ko taxi driver oag puli ko sa iloilo..halin sa airport pakadto sa balay nakibot ko wala siya nag patak metro..asta subong ga langot buot ko daw nami bun on sa itlog ang linte.

  5. hahaha…Bacolod will always be a comfort zone for us 🙂

    I was scared of cab drivers too but I think I got used to them now. Yeah they have that annoying habit of saying they have no change or something. That’s why I always prepare an exact amount because say your meter is only P85 and you give them P100, don’t expect them to give you your change. Crazy!

  6. correct! shocking d mga taxi drivers….wla mn sila nhuya magpawala kn gnahulat mo ang change mo.

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  8. […] a previous post, I mentioned that barbers are one of the scariest people in manila. But lately, I had a barber whom […]

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