Posted by: jinoe | October 9, 2007

Girl Trouble

Update 10-30-2007
Girl Trouble is now available at Powerbooks.  Look for it at the Psychology Section.  I don’t know how it got there but that is how it was categorized by Powerbooks.

Girl Trouble by Alan Navarra.  It’s a book which will be out very very soon.  It will be out this week in major bookstores nationwide.

You won’t miss it.  It will be a red book that looks like this.

Girl Trouble Book Cover

Maybe there will be more people who would hate it.  Not just nuns but more people espeially women.  I haven’t read everything yet but the author who is a close friend of mine gave me a sneak preview of the book.  And well, some words are provoking.  And I hate him for some of the things he wrote.  It’s not something I want my kids to read someday.

I can’t really describe it yet.  The book is bold but its not pornographic.  It got some story but not really a novel.  It has photos and artworks but not an art porfolio.

So what is it really?  I don’t know.  Maybe I should by the book as well.

Some words from the author.  Click here to read his blog. 

Girl Trouble Trailer



  1. you should bring that hairdo back. the one on top, where you be hangin’ out with the statues.

    i dig your honesty by the way. My first critique from a friend. Bloody one too.

    Thanks, man. Omelette!

  2. Nah…that’s just another book using “sex” as a topic to invite controversy thus boosting the sales of the book. Money…really.

  3. uh-oh, a critic already, Alan? hehehe Jinoe, I didn’t know there was a trailer hahaha thanks for posting this one =)

    Hahaha… Alan got a critic already. And I think he’s getting what he wanted. He likes it.

  4. Payts! LOL!

  5. Sex is a topic we should all tackle about..if he made that for a money. you still have the options to buy it or not. We should know a series of “PAKULO” in life in order to get what we wanted. Get your own limelight.Peace!

  6. Pakulo or marketing strategy, whatever. More like crab mentality. Once you detractors have accomplished something even remotely close to writing a book, maybe then you can talk smack.

    Who wants to see a dance off? Jap? Jin? I’ll put on the Run DMC. HA!

  7. Mmm-kay. A little plugging to fan the flames. Girl Trouble is now available in all Pandayan, Fully Booked and Powerbooks branches in Metro Manila.


    Ayos, part. Finally, it’s out.
    For those who want to get a copy of the book at Powerbooks, look for it at the Psychology Section. I dont know how it got there but that is where the book is displayed.

  8. A bit more pluggling, to continue the bugging!


  9. If you want to party like there’s no tomorrow, then do so. but if you want to express somethangs about Girl Trouble, slide on over to;

    Savvy? Nasty.

  10. Tani maabot na di sa bacolod ba…

  11. ari na di sa bacolod. KUNO. haven’t checked NatB yet…

    Thanks sa update Janine. Hambal ni bro mo “good boy” di sya KUNO a. Hehehe.

  12. .i can’t sleep after reading your book.its entertaining for an adult single and a little liberated but not promicous,but what about for the young people..i dnt want to sound self righteous but being a teacher its alarming for me. though my heart cries for you if you encountered and loved such kinds of peeps.i guess your in the wrong path too..meeting right people means you must be right too and of course at the right place..and pls..dnt categorically generalize us..

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