Posted by: jinoe | September 21, 2007

The Office Breakfast Club – Jesus is Coming

An IT team in Makati has a lead counterpart in Madrid, Spain whose name is Jesus.  Lately, he decided to visit the Philippines.  A few days before he arrives in their office, everybody was saying, “Prepare, Jesus is coming!”.


What’s the relationship between internet and overtime?

One of my officemates was able to find the relationship between the internet and overtime when we had lost our internet connection for the whole day in the office a few days ago.  They told me it’s the second time that this happened already. 

If there is no internet connection, everybody goes home early.  If there is an internet connection, many of us goes on overtime.  Makes a lot of sense.



  1. hi jinoe! happy birthday daan!

  2. yep, internet vs overtime, same thing in our office =)

  3. Hilarious! May Jesus man kami diri. He is the VP of Sales and Ang iya initials J.C. Annoyingly, he walks around thinking he is God.

    Jin, if we didn’t have an internet connection, I wouldn’t be able to last a full day. As it is, I’m already struggling to be at my desk within the first hour. Haay.. I think your theory on the relationship of the internet and overtime is bang on.

    Birthday mo gali? Happy, Happy Birthday!

  4. same here ‘pre. as if everybody’s work depends on it (nga indi man, LOL).

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