Posted by: jinoe | September 7, 2007

Last day

I’ll be having my last day at work today.  Although, my official end date will be weeks from now, I decided to take a long leave.  It’s been five long years with my current company.  After all the fun, learning and challenges, I would like to bring the good memories with me.  Just a quick wrap-up of what happened in the last five years.

1.  Travels.  I had the chance to have business travel in Shanghai, Singapore, San Diego and Las Vegas.

2.  Dance Contests.  I am known here at work as a dance instructor and choreographer.  Our department won the grand prize last year for our 80s dance number.  They just can’t believe our group can dance.

3.  Lunch out.  There’s always a reason to celebrate.  And we just love to eat.  The fastfoods won’t be  missed.  But some restaurant in Cavite will be missed like Mandaragat, King Bee, and Carancho.

4.  Techie stuff.  I have access to the lastest laptop and microprocessor.  I should, because I work with the biggest and the best makers of microprocessors in the world.

5.  United Nations.  As a global company, I had a chance to meet and talk to different nationalities like Americans, Chinese, Malaysians, Thais, Taiwanese, and Koreans.  Interesting people.

6.  People.  Life at work would be great without the different people I have worked with and became friends with.  They will be missed the most.

The new path I am taking will have its uncertainties but the things I’ve learned from my current company has equipped me and will help me pass through the difficulties.  Despite some heartaches, missed oppurtunities and regrets, I still have a lot to be thankful for.



  1. All the best! 😀

  2. Hooray Jin. Pati guid ko ya na dance instructor ka, since sang first year college ka pa. it could have been ur career, hehe. anyway, good luck guid. enjoy your vacation too.

    I even spread the idea that I am going to be a dance instructor in my next job. Of course many wont believe it but its funny to know others thought it was for real. Hehehe.

  3. Travelling for work is a nice bonus, hey? Magkadto ka gani sa Las Vegas liwat, pabal-a gid ko kay matabu-ay ta to! Congratulations on making the leap. All the best as you move on to your next adventure. I have no doubt you are going to be a success, Jin.


    I am not sure if there are good travel oppurtunities here. So far, a few engineers were able to have business travels in Asia and the US. I’ll wait for my chance. Nugon to last time nga ara ko da ba.

  4. Cheers, Jin. I hope you’ll have a better recap on your next job although this list is quite a tough one to top =)

  5. it was almost a year when i left the same company that we used to work… indeed it was a learning experience that you can bank on when you move to a new company. i wish you more strength to carry on with all the new challenges on your new job and build new friendships with people you can depend on whether in or out of work… you have all what it takes to be successful, just work hard and pray hard and everything should be fine…kapag may openings jan na pwede ako… just give me a call..Good luck!

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