Posted by: jinoe | September 5, 2007

The Office Breakfast Club – Business Ideas (Why not)?

To start the day right, my officemates would talk about interesting thing early in the morning.  As we eat breakfast together, we discuss anything under the sun.  Today, it was about some business ideas.  Here are excepts from today’s topic.


Game Carts

Before there was PSP and Gameboy, Game & Watch was the coolest personal gaming gizmo you could get.  I love playing Oil Painc, Donkey Kong and Pinball.  However, I don’t own one.  But there is a man who have a cart full of Game & Watch and would park near our school.  He would have several Game & Watch with cords and hanging on his cart.  I would then rent several of my favorite games and play with it for an hour.

So why not make the same cart but load it with PSP or Gameboy?  That will make a good business.  Just park near schools and surely kids will line up to get one of those hot games.  I wonder if that will be profitable since the game consoles can be very expensive.


Embalmer Express

New business ideas are sometimes just a repackaging of old products or services.  Just like Zagu and Bicho-bicho, the products or service have been existing for a long time.   They just made it more presentable and more accessible and were able to gain financial success.  With this in mind, my officemate suggested to have embalming service inside the malls.  This will be truly a first in the country, and maybe in the world.  It could be a good candidate for Ripley’s.

Embalming while you wait!  He envisioned, customers going to the mall with a dead person and endorse them to your store.  A slip will be given to them and they will just leave thier dead behind and get back after an hour.  Then, they can have time to go to the mall and shop.

He is also willing to provide free delivery services and buy one, free one promos.  But there will be penalty fees if you left the dead overnight.  What do you think about that?



  1. Embalming Express sounds so wicked it just might work! =/

    I’ve been having my own pet biz idea but I’ve had a hard time getting biz partners, it’s also going to be in a mall and will be the first of its kind. I don’t have a name for it yet but the idea is, it will be a self-service massage center. Customers come in a the stall, are led to their own private cubicle with a massage bed, and will be given a choice of oil, powder or lotion and will be left to their own privacy so they can massage themselves for an hour. So, wanna be biz partners?

  2. There are so many business ideas on the internet but its difficult to find some idea that really tooks off.*

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