Posted by: jinoe | September 4, 2007

Meet Chippie

I’ll be returning my laptop to my current company since I’ll be leaving by the end of the month.  I would need a PC to continue on my thesis and for other personal uses, so I decided to buy a new one for myself.

I’ve been asking around on what makes a good PC and here were my specs.  It must have an Intel Core2Duo Processor, at least 80GB HDD, 1GB Memory, and a DVD Writer. 

I christen thee, Chippie

I looked around for good brands and good deals for more than two weeks.  I decided to buy a Neo Empriva 540NVP2i.  They provided all the specs I was looking for and at the same time the price was reasonable.  At first, I got my eyes on those branded laptops especially Acer.  However, I was convinced that what is important in choosing a laptop is what’s inside rather than the brand.  As long as they have the same specifications, its fine for me.  It comes with installers for Windows Vista, Nero bundle and PowerDVD.

I have a few drawbacks with my Neo laptop.  The speakers are terrible.  Playing mp3s on my laptop sounds like listening to an AM station using a transistor radio that has a picture of a celebrity in front.  While other brands are having Altec Lansing or Dolby technology in its speakers, mine seems to be two generations older.

The other problem I have is the location of audio socket.  It’s place in the right front portion of the laptop.  It is located in an area where I bump on the cord when using an external mouse.  It is annoying.

The Core2 Duo Experience

I had a Pentium 3 desktop before that runs at 733 MHz.  I find it to be very fast back then.  Later, I got a Pentium 4 Centrino, and I was amazed with the improvement.  Now, I am using a Core2Duo, and I am just as amazed.  I saw its capability during demos wherein they run several scan windows while playing video content.  The applications never stalled or slipped.  I was impressed.  And the feeling is different while trying it for yourself.  I can copy files from a full 1GB USB in less than 10 minutes while it can take 30 minutes from my other laptop.  That saves me a lot of time.

The Vista Inconvenience

Most laptops come with Windows Vista installed.  I have heard negative feedbacks from the new OS and wanted to avoid it but my laptop comes with a Vista installed.  I am already having headaches with it.

The interface was really improved.  The animations were entertaining.  The layout was nice.  But, it eats too much from the memory.  And who needs those fancy animations.  At times, it looks overdone.  Then, some of my favorite buttons are not available by default.  So I have to take time to get use to it.

What I hated the most it the need to upgrade to newer version of my software so that it will be compatible with Vista.  I am still installing and looking for those Vista compatible applications.  I have several CDs for installers of games, utilities, and applications for the previous OS.  Now, I don’t know what to do with them.

Still a good deal

Laptop prices are typically the same between several dealers.  I was looking for a dealer who can give me the most freebies.  Most are offering the free laptop bag, a USB flash drive and an optical mouse.  I have those already so I was bargaining for a printer instead.  Most are willing to give a Canon printer but I wanted an HP.  I got my laptop at Accent Micro at MOA.  They agreed to give me an HP printer while adding cash for the difference.  They even added a generous discount for the printer.  Other dealers did not agree to that.  A good deal after all.

Updates on Chippie

  • No hardware problems with Chippie.  She’s still good as new. 
  • I added 1GB SODIMM memory and it runs so sweet.  I think that adding 1GB memory is a must for Vista systems.
  • One big drawback, I can’t run big games with Chippie.  Company of Heroes hangs up, Halo 2 will warn you of lack of resources, The Settlers Demo will say it lacks video memory.  Great games nowadays cost a lot.  I need a dedicated video card to run them and Chippie doesn’t have one.  So I guess I’m stuck with playing Test Twist and Minesweeper.


  1. nakakalaway naman si chippie. di pa ako makabili ng ganyan. still hev to settle with my laughtop bakekang [laughtop kasi more than 2 kg ang bigat]. hopefuli next year after d honeymoon.

    Magkakaroon ka rin nyan. Kahit ako, ilang taon din na pagtitiis and pag-iipon bago nakabili. Sa bilis nang technology ngayon, next year ako naman ang lalaway sa mabibili mo.

  2. i dont like vista too. khai bought a new pc and it comes with vista premium, it does not however have a remote desktop unlike the XP unless we upgrade to vista business or ultimate which will cost him several hundred. he exchanged his new one with my old one which runs on XP, however, i hated the Vista. in less than a week, i took my laptop back, heheh! XP pa rin ako.

    There are a few features that are really useful. I am starting to like it. However, I cant seem to make some of the games fun on it. Nugon.

  3. In Before Sunrise, Ethan Hawke’s character Jesse said: “There’s all these people talking about how great technology is and how it saves all this time but what good is saved time if nobody uses it? If it just turns into more busy work.”

    Just a thought anyway =) hehehe

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