Posted by: jinoe | August 29, 2007

When it rains, it pours

The two typhoons last week were a headache.  The first few drops were a celebration for the answered prayers on the low water levels and an impending water crisis.  However, too much of something is not good at all.

Getting Wet

We experienced flooding on our street.  Normally, when there are heavy rains, the main street would be flooded up to the ankle while our street won’t have significant build up on the water level.  Last Wednesday, the drainage system must have too much than it can bear.  Water started to rise and slowly reaching our doorstep.

Flooding BhausAfter it has reached a critical level, Quennie’s sister started elevating things.  From the sofa bed to the paper bags, and even the refrigerator and the washing machine, they were all lifted up and transferred to a safer place.  When the rain finally subsided, the water was just above the doorstep.  But it keeps coming in when cars would pass by and create little tsunamis to our house.

Fedex and the Flood

I was expecting a package from Fedex last Wednesday.  It was addressed to our boarding house but it never arrived.  I called them up the next day to ask why they were not able to deliver.  The help desk told me that the area was flooded and they were not able to reach our place.

“Whaaaat?!!! %^*$#@%!!!  Your commercial brags that you can deliver despite floods or chemical spills.  You can use all resources at your disposal to ensure that any package is delivered right to my dorstep.  Now here comes a little flood that doesn’t even reach my knees and you tell me that you can no longer deliver?”

Cowards.  Here’s one of their commercial to remind them of what I was expecting.


Sik-sik sa Getz

Molino FloodFriday was our scheduled team building in our office at Alabang Town Center.  I joined my officemate in his Hyundai Getz.  There were six of us crowded inside the comapct car and we were the first to leave for ATC.  The rain made the travel difficult.  There were a lot of flooded areas.  We were able to cross them.  However, at the end of Daang Hari, a few more kilometers before Alabang, the flood was waist deep and only big trucks can pass through.  Vans, pick ups, sedans had a hard time since the water is high enough to stall the vehicles or to get inside its interior.

So we were stranded for more than two hours waiting for the water level to decrease.  We also waited for other sedans to cross the flood.  When we saw a some BMWs and Hondas successfully crossing the flood, we decided to try it out ourselves.  It was risky but we decided to do it anyway.  Luckily we survived and arrived at ATC after the fact that the team building was postponed.



  1. hahahahahaha kaluoy man. remember ang baha sa haus namon jin? hahahaha

  2. I remember typhoon milenyo last year. Grabe, pati loob ng apartment namin ni Badoodles binagyo rin kasi naman ayaw ipaayos nung land lady.

    Kaya naman, when it rains outside, it also rains inside at nakaka pag init naman talaga ng ulo.

    Pagod ka na nga sa work, maglilinis ka pa ng binagyong bahay.

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