Posted by: jinoe | August 28, 2007

Job Hunting Blues – Job Offer Scam

A friend received an email with the subject: Offer of Employment/Contract for Supply of Service.  It was a job offer from Total Petroleum PLC in Nigeria for the position of Senior Project Manager.  The job was located at Lagos Nigeria and will be paid a whooping USD 26, 920 per month.  Complete with accommodation and allowances.  Wow.  I had a hard time converting that to pesos.

The email then outlines the next step of the application process which includes contacting the Nigerian Immigration Services for Visa and Work Permit, and the Legal Adviser for the acceptance of the job offer.

The email came as a surprise since my friend did not remember apply to a petroleum company or to any company in Nigeria.  Thus, he was cautious.  He started searching for more information about the company.  This is where he found out that the job offer was a fake and is actually another scam.

These scams are everywhere.  There are similar job offers that says you will work in UK or Canada and can even be any company like Total or Shell.  Others will even call you or request for documents showing that they are sincere and valid.  Once you contact the given names, they will ask for a fee to process the requirements and then they will vanish.  I understand that many of us would like to work abroad and get a better pay.  But let’s be very careful when accepting job offers.  Be diligent.

Here are some tips to identify a job offer scam.

  1. They will send you an email even if you haven’t applied to them.  It’s like receiving a text message tell you that you won in a sweepstakes without buying any ticket.  It’s totally absurd to get a job without sending a resume or having an interview.
  2. They will offer a very very high salary to entice you.  Imagine receiving more than 20,000USD a month.  Is that for real?  If its too good to be true, its probably a scam.
  3. The company does not really exist.  You may need to research a lot on this one.  Some may have bogus websites to show that they are legitimate.  Try to ask around, go to forums and dig deeper.
  4. They use free email domains.  If they contact you using an email from yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc,  there is a high probability that it is a scam.
  5. They will ask for a fee.  The reasons will vary and may sound reasonable like visa processing.  Note that visa processing is typically done at your country of residence.  It means that if you will work in Nigeria but you don’t live in Nigeria, you will be dealing with the Nigerian Embassy in your own country. You don’t have to send money to someone who claims to be in Nigeria to process it.
  6. The email has a lot of grammatical errors and is poorly written.  Althought the format looks like a real offer.


  1. i also received this kind of email. luckily, it was fake. lolz

  2. i received the same offers and even reached to a point that i completed my application.. but when it was time for me know that there’s payment on my visa processing, that’s when i stopped.. how come that big offer couldn’t even pay for my processing..

  3. mayo kay nacheck niya gd. ill surprise with that abroad thing one of these days. ill invite myself to your place in makati when i get there hopefully this september. miz u jin!

  4. Nigeria really has bad rep when it comes to anything email-related.

  5. i am working for a Petroleum Company. Hindi nga lang sa Nigeria, but when i got the call for interview, mega praning din ang lola mo kasi hindi naman ako nag apply sa kanila. turns out to be the magic of online resume…

    Buti naman. I think the big difference there is that you were invited for an interview. Yung sa friend ko kasi walang interview pero may big job offer kaagad. Kakaduda.

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