Posted by: jinoe | August 21, 2007

How to Kill a Dinosaur…

I run regularly to be fit and to challenge my limits.  But running has its hazards.  You could overstress your muscles and be injured.  You could run out of oxygen and collapse.  You could be run over by a bus and never make the next mile.  Or you can be chased by a dog and finish early.  But last Sunday, I had the most dangerous experience while running.  I was chased by a dinosaur.

I was running along my favorite jogging path when the ground begun to shake.  Pounding can be heard from a distance.  The puddles of water would create a whirpool as the sound gets nearer and nearer.  Suddenly, a full grown T-rex came from behind ready to bite off of my left foot.  Luckily, I was able to pick up some speed and managed to escape those sharp teeth.

I saw a piece of wood and immedately grab it and hit the T-rex on the head.  I poured out every once of strength I can muster to make sure it will do some significant amount of damaged on the creature.  And it did.  With one swing of the wood, the dinosaur made a hard fall on the ground.

Unfortunately, I was disarmed when it threw its large claws to my direction.  I used the wood to shield my face but it was dislodged from my arm.  I have no choice but to use my hands to defend myself.  I know I have to make my move while T-rex is on the ground.  I can’t allow him to regain his position and endanger myself. 

He was struggling to stand up and looked like a cockroach on its back.  I grabbed the oppurtunity to keep on punching him with whatever was left of my strength.  I did stop until I saw him getting weaker with every punch.


A few minutes later, I felt T-rex is starting to move slower.  I wrapped around my arms around its big neck and started choking him.  I squeezed my hands hard enough to maintain my grip.  It was moving furiously and gasping for air.  Then, I can hear it heartbeat getting fainter and fainter.  Each beat is getting longer apart until I can hear nothing but my own heartbeat.  He’s dead.

I hurriedly left the scene and took a rest.  I still cant believe that this could happen.  Just a word of advice then:  Always be careful when you run.  Though, this event will not stop me from running again, but it will surely be a scary memomy.



  1. hahahaha ti kay gplano man ko magdalagan when I get back to manila, ti ano na lang na karon basi may dinosaur man? hahaha

    saylo ka na ulubrahan?

    In a few weeks masaylo na ko. Kung ari ka na di hagaron ta ka lagan a. Sa CCP kami kung weekend naga practice. Si Que nagapractice na gani for a 10km run. Daw may duha pa to ka dinosaur pre. Indi ka magkabalaka kay patyon ko guid sila kung maghalit sila sa imo.

  2. haha.kakatawa ito.

  3. kids. such active imagination hehehe if I didn’t know you any better, Jin, I’d think you smoked bad weed hehehe =)

  4. kewl. pre, ano brand ng sando, short, socks, at sapatos mo?

    tumatakbo rin kasi ako pag may time. ^^

    New Balance pare. Yung sando nakuha ko sa New Balance Power Race last year. I noticed that most runners used this brand kaya naki sabay na rin ako. At pag may sale, ang mura ng sapatos. 50% off. Next month yata may NB run uli. Sali tayo.

  5. some plug… punta po kayo kung may time… please…

  6. hahahahahahaha well, one thing i’ve noticed: u look fit. SAVOROSO, MI AMIGO! bwahahahaha di gd magpakita sa akon1 bwahahahahaha

    Looking fit? Hehehe. Guin pili ko lang ang ibutang ko nga pic a. Para kuno abi fit guid. Pero sa tuod ma disappoint ka lg. Hahaha.

  7. how did u do the 1st pic? very creative. neway, new balance for me is my most comfy walking shoes. for running, i think new balance and asics are the popular ones here too (kay daw amo man na pirmi kita ko).

    They say Asics have one of the best running shoes. Maybe next time, I’ll try on one of them. Mahal guid be.

  8. […] to kill a dinosaur… Part 2 Almost a year ago, I had an encounter with a dinosaur during one of my practice runs at CCP. I thought that was all over. I have saved the world. But […]

  9. […] a year ago, I had an encounter with a dinosaur during one of my practice runs at CCP. I thought that was all over. I have saved the world. But […]

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