Posted by: jinoe | August 17, 2007

Not So Beautiful Minds – The Art of Chindogu

One of my aspirations as an engineer is to invent something that will be useful to mankind.  When I was still young I would scribble some spaceships and laser guns.  In college, I was able to attend a patent filing workshop and met a few Filipino inventors.  At work, we are encouraged to file for US patents out of our projects.  We submitted a few but never made it to the final deliberations.  So the world still needs to wait for my designs of the future.

While browsing through the humor section of Powerbooks, I encountered a book about chindogu, the Japanese art of inventing ingenious gadgets that are actually useless.  Some may be useful and very creative, but most of them are really stupid.

Take for example this invention, an face stand for trains that you can use while sleeping.  It has a purpose alright but who would like to use them on a crowded MRT.

How about the portable tissue dispenser?  You might need this when watching those classic sad movies at MOA.  While you are crying your heart out, the others are laughing out loud.

And if a swiss knife is not good enough for farming, so why not make a swiss knife that has a shovel, rake, hoe, pick and more.  This should be an instant hit if made smaller than a cellphone.

While those mentioned above are outright ridiculous, these inventions needs a second look.  I just might invest in one of them.

A retractable spoon shown on the left might be good when feeding an angry lion10 feet away.

A stick-type butter on the right makes life easier.  Why not make a roll-on ketsup dispenser, or a spray-on pepper also?

And finally, my personal favorite.  A back-scratch grid matrix.  Perfect for those hard to reach areas.  By just pointing to the handheld guide, you can ask anyone to srcatch your back without the usual up, down, left, right nagging which usually misses the spot.  With this invention, you can be closer to the target and get the ecstacy from a back scrub.

The good thing about these inventions is that you can bring all of them all at once.  Try using the face stand while on the MRT wearing the tissue dispenser and the srcatch t-shirt and bring the farming set.  You’d be setting the trend.

If you wish to see more, click this link.  It just might spark some ideas and spawn the next industrial revolution.



  1. cool ones! amazing jud!

    good luck sa tissue dispenser jinowee!


  2. innovative.. waahaha kanami gid sang tissue dispenser nga invention or ang tungkod sa ulo.. pero mau kung may ara tungkod sa ulo nga para sa ginatuyo sa klase, ina ya, piho gid damu mabakal sa pinas.. halong lang sila sa teacher galing nga gapanghaboy eraser.. haha

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