Posted by: jinoe | August 11, 2007

Papa goes to the Mall

When Papa told us he’s coming to Manila to receive a national award, my first question was:  Where will we go after his awarding?  The malls will be the best place for us since it’s accessible and my sister and I thought he’d love to get new clothes.  So for two days, we gave him a trip to the malls.

The last time papa was here was in 1997.  So ten years have past since his last visit.  I asked him, “What places in Manila do you frequently visit before?”  I was waiting for him to tell me of his favorite places so I can bring him there again.  I was expecting he’d mention a few shopping centers also.  However, he told me of names I have never heard before.  I think he mentioned Malibay and Raon but I haven’t been to these places.  Goodness.  Papa doesn’t have the slightest mallrat blood in his veins.  Okey… well it’s time for him to discover the greatest 21st century pastime… shopping.

I recall when we were young and we’d go to department stores to buy clothes and other personal items.  The most overused word by papa and mama was “No.”  The most overused two words were “That’s expensive.”  The most overused three words were “That’s not important.”  The most overused four words were “We don’t have money.”  This is still the principle that my papa abides when shopping.  Well, I’m about to do the opposite.

I know he likes Levi’s pants so it was our first stop.  I don’t have Levi’s pants myself but I just want to give papa a treat.  After seeing the tag price, he told me he already brought a pair a few months ago.  He doesn’t need a new pair.  Yeah, nice excuse.  But while going out of the store, I glanced over a few polo shirts being displayed.  That was my cue to get him some polo shirts. 

I brought him to my personal favorite boutiques.  I thought he’d look good on them.  Again, the price was too much for him and told me a 500 peso polo shirt will be fine.  I told myself, for that price you’d look like a school kid on those plain pastel colored polo shirts.  No offense, but I thought he deserve some makeover.

My sister and I handed him some shirts to try on.  I also threw in a jacket he can use indoors and during his sessions with the other councilors in Pontevedra.  He was smiling.  We knew he liked it and got him his first shopping bag. 

Here’s a family secret:  We can’t wait to use our new purchases.  So while walking to our next stop, I started opening the shopping bag and handed him the jacket.  He put it on and never took it off until we got home later in the evening.  He told us the aircon at the malls was too cold for him.

After a few more stops, he started to get some confidence with shopping and with my credit card.  He started dictating the pace on what he was looking for to buy.  He was catching up so fast that I started to worry when he tried on a 3,000 Php pants and a 2,000 Php shirt.  I am worried my credit card will max out in just two days.  I just told him he doesn’t look good on them.

As the day ended, we started to ran out of ideas where to go.  We even ended up sitting on the sofas at the mall and almost fell asleep.  That was when we decided to stop for some coffee and then watched Rush Hour 3 instead.

We had a good father and son bonding before he went back home to Negros.  I was glad to return the favor.  I felt proud to be buying things for him.  Finally, it’s my turn.  This must be how he felt when he bought me my first bike.  Now we’re even.

But before he left, I made sure of one thing.  That the next time, he visits Manila, it’s his turn to give us a treat.  I heard he might be back to attend the Philippine Councilors League meeting in Baguio next January.  But he is not allowed to use the words “No”, “That’s expensive”, “That’s not important”, “We don’t have the money.”  Hahaha.  It will be payback time.  The ball is back on his side now.



  1. shopping wars? hahaha this is the first time i’ve heard of treat treaties hehehe congrats to your papa btw =)

  2. hahahahah cool c tito ah. hahahahahaha

    im proud of you inowee.. sureness, tito is supah proud of your achievements.

    i remember the feeling so well when it was our turn to give gifts to our parents. hehehehe

  3. hmm… mas maganda kung sa park after receiving the award. o kaya sa zoo. hehe

    Maganda rin yan. Kaso bumbagyo nun kaya hindi kami nakalabas sa mga outdoor destinations. Wrong timing nga e.

  4. raon part? maayo na to, mas lingaw pa to maglibot kaysa mall.

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