Posted by: jinoe | August 7, 2007

Papa goes to Malacanang

And I’m so jealous.

Every year, the National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) conducts a search for the towns and cities with the best disaster management and humanitarian assistance programs.  The “Gawad Kalasag” aims to recognize the outstanding performance of Disaster Coordinating Councils (DCCs) in the provincial, city, municipal and barangay levels.

This year the Municipality of Pontevedra won the National Award in the 3rd Class Municipality category.  I am proud to say that my father, Jimmy Gavan, will be receiving the award at the Malacanang Palace on Wednesday to be awarded by the Madame President herself (that’s what the memo says).  He has been the active member of the Pontevedra Emergency and Rescue Unit (PERU) and one of the main man in the group.  He would leave the house at midnight to respond to road accidents, go to river banks to help victims of floods and drive the ambulance for 40km to Bacolod if there a patient needed for transfer.  He was also the key person in the municipality in providing preventive measures to the Guimaras oil spill issue last year.  Thus, it was just right for him to receive the award in behalf of the people of Pontevedra.

I was hoping family members can attend the awarding ceremonies at Malacanang.  Sad to say, only two persons are allowed to attend.  That will be my father and the mayor.  I was also hoping I can get a share of the cash award.  Too bad, according to what I’ve read, they will receive a plaque worth 3,000Php.  No cash prizes were mentioned.

At least papa will get a free trip to Manila this year.  He will be staying with us after the awarding until Sunday, maybe.  My problem is, I don’t know where I would bring my father if he extends his stay.  Glorietta?  He’s not really fond of shopping.  Enchanted Kingdom?  Too childish for a 57 year old.  Intramuros?  He doesn’t dig history.  Beer houses?  That will be a first time for me.



  1. Wow, congrats to your dad! You must be very proud of him. Just treat him to dinner at a fancy resto. I guess just spending time with his children would be enough with your dad. 😀

  2. Hi JIn, congrats guid to your dad, too bad you cant be there in malacanang too to share the joyful feeling and proud moments. Heehehee, just try to ask your dad if he wants to go to EK, you maybe surprised with the answer, amo lang na galing wa-ay sya apo na updon, haha!

  3. Congratulations kay papi!

  4. Mabrook (congrats) to your dad!

  5. JINOWEE! AMAZING! Congratz kay Tito Jim! He so rightfully deserves it. Even way back in HS, he was your ever supportive receptionist whenever we come for a visit. Congratz again kay tito.

    Jinoe, you will have your time. Soon my dear. Im hopefully positive!

  6. baw ngdaog pa ang Pontevedra?! Proud gid gro mga Maraynon no..anyway, tani damu pa gid improvements ang Pontevedra. 🙂

    It’s a good start for Ponteverda. Other receipts of this award were San Enrique last year and Bago City this year. More to come I hope para may ipabugal man ta bala haw.

  7. Congratulations to your dad! =)
    I really enjoy reading your blog, jin…
    Maybe one day you can also receive award from the Malacanang Palace. “Like father, like son” Wait for your turn! 😉
    God bless.

    It’s my dream to visit Malacanang someday for a good reason. Wag lg dahil suspect ako sa kung anu-ano dyan at kailangan i-present sa media. 😀

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