Posted by: jinoe | August 6, 2007

Run to Bring Hope 2007 Fun Run

After almost five months, I was able to join another fun run.  I missed several good runs in the past.  I especially regret not joining the Adidas Run and the Milo Marathon.  I wanted to have those souvenir shirts.

Anyway, Quennie and I had been practicing almost every week.  We still manage to wake up early every Sunday to jog at the CCP Complex for 1 hour.  The morning heat is getting worst lately.  That’s why we started using sunblock when jogging.  Quennie is practicing for a 10K event also.  I am hoping to start practicing for a 8-1o mile fun run within the coming months.

The Preparation

Run to Bring Hope 2007 was a fund raising campaign organized by OneHeart Inc.  This is for their scholarship program called Operation 200.  The race was originally scheduled last July29.  It was moved a week after August 5.  This was good since we were not able to wake up early last week.

Only Que and I participated in the event.  My officemates were not able to make it.  We were able to register just within the week.  The singlet was the usual material.  Nothing fancy but good for indoor use especially today that the weather is hot.

To be sure not to be late for the race, I slept in the sala and had the TV programmed to wake at 5:00 am.  That will surely wake me up.  And of course, the 2 other alarm clocks are on standby in case the TV trick didn’t work out for me.

The Race

The race started a bit late than we expected.  A funny incident happened when the gunfire to signal  the start of the race was ahead of the countdown.  The announcer was shouting 30 minutes to go… 15 minutes to go… 10… *bang*.  The runners just laughed and started running.  It’s about time.

Missing in Action

Que and I observed something missing in the race.  Water stations were too far from the starting line.  This time, you have to run for almost 4K to get your first water break.  There was also no lace given at the first turnaround point.  The lace was to signify that you were able to reach the key points and make sure runners are not cheating.  I haven’t seen an ambulance as well.  But there was a medical station at the start line.  I am not sure if they would be able to respond fast if something happened at the other end.  There was a van roaming around.  I hope it was their ambulance.  But next time, it’s better to have a label to be sure.

The Pace

Since, I never had a decent practice, I expected to perform below my previous runs.  I always target to finish before 1 hour for a 10K.  This time, I exceeded by 1 min.  Good thing, I have a chronograph on my watch because the official time displayed at the finish line had problems.  Que finished the 5K at around 30mins.

At the finish line, we had a Rush energy drink, Happy peanuts, and Nova chips for free.  Nice way to cool down.

Meet Zorro


Que and I love running against those ahead of us.  We try to find other runners we want to overtake.  One of them is Zorro.  Zorro is a frequent runner.  You always see him in most fun runs and never miss to notice him because of his eccentric characteristic.  I am not sure of his metal orientation, but it obvious that it’s not normal.  Too bad Zorro is faster than us.  He was able to reach the finish ahead by a few seconds.  He could have reached it earlier but he stopped near the finish line to make some funny movements before dashing for it.

The Aftermath

When the race was finished, we stayed a bit for a rest and the raffle.  We didn’t win any.  We had breakfast at Chowking, Malate.  I ordered the new Spicy Chicken and Beef Chao Fan.  It was spicy.  Really spicy.  But I wonder where the beef and chicken was.   We went home by 10:00 am and slept until 2:00 pm.  The best part.



  1. after reading this entry, I remembered the Terry Fox Run being held every year to different countries. I was able to participate 2x together with my colleagues (actually it should be 4x na kaya lang I was drunk the night before on 2 occassions kaya hindi ako nagising ng maaga, hehehehe). Our company is encouraging all staff to join the event. May free t-shirt, foods, refreshment, medic, etc. Ang saya kasi you don’t have to run, pwede lakad lang, mag bike, skateboard, kangaroo jump, magtulak ng stroller ng anak mo or oldies na naka wheelchair, lahat pwede.

    Ngek, ang haba na, hehehe. sowee…

    Masaya nga sumama sa mga fun run. Ang dami mo makasama sa takbo. May mga bata pang kaya kang unahan. Kaso wala pa akong nakikitang may sumama na nag-skateboard, stroller, etc. Bike meron.

    Sa office, dalawa lang kami ang tumatakbo dati. Ngayon ang dami na namin. Yung iba nga may balak na pumunta sa Singapore para sumali sa Standard Chartered Marathon dun sa December.

  2. nakasabay ko na yang si zorro na yan. you can even take pictures with him while running.

    after all… running should be fun… it will always be… *iyak iyak iyak*

  3. pwede malakat lang ko ya? anyway, keep up the good health and staying active, that’s really good.

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