Posted by: jinoe | August 4, 2007

Ambigram – Dylan

I received a request last June from Nick.  Nick requested for an ambigram for his son Dylan.  I had other requests but I thought Dylan would be a nice name to work on.  The D to N inversion would be a good challenge.  Besides I would have 5 letters to work on so it won’t take much time. 

Since I was on leave from work yesterday, I decided to start working on it.  After 48 hours, I was able to make this design.

Ambigram Dylan 1

I was happy with this design.  I liked the ornaments on D and N.  I thought cutting it was a good trick to make the D look like N when inverted.  However, the N would be mistaken as P at first glance.  So I made another one.

Ambigram Dylan 2

This time I used the uppercase letters.  It looked much better than the first one.  I also changed the letter L and made it a bit longer.  This way, it wont look like a letter T or an I.  I hope Dylan will like this one. 

Looks like I just might be able to make one ambigram per month. I still have plenty of requests coming every week.  I hope to work on all of them.

For ambigram requests, commissions and inquires, click here and fill up the form with your request and contact details.

To view my other ambigrams, click here.



  1. LoL dylap hehehe but I like the ornaments! the first one looks better, in my opinion. the second one is also good though =) there’s something about that “L” on the first one…i find it so erotic, wanna be bitten on the neck all of a sudden =) hehehe

    I also liked the first L, but my critics prefer readability over art. So I made the other one.

  2. Ambigram artists unite!!!

    Our friends and readers really enjoy our ambigrams. That’s why requests are rushing in. And it’s a good thing! We’re instant celebrity!

    Yeah, as much as we want to have more ambigrams, but we need to prioritize others…. Hihi. That’s why I don’t have also enough time to port it in Photoshop. Thus, only sketches.

    Hope you can dropby too at my site 🙂

    I have checked your site. Good works on the ambigrams. The good thing about sketches is the boundless possibilities in making the ambigrams. Anything goes. But I have to say that they would look messy also. I suggest that you start with the sketches but transfer them to Photoshop. They will look more presentable and you’ll be surprised by what Photoshop can do to your designs. Keep the artworks coming.

  3. Any chance you would like to design an ambigram for the name, Coty? It would be much appreciated.

  4. love the work and time u have put into these works of art if u have time or any chance to do 1 for me it would be much more appreciated the name, Lomocso
    Or Carter

  5. pwde po ba pki gawa nmn po kmi ng ambigram ng Food TEchnology????

  6. pwd po ba pagawa naman ng ambigram na flora?
    tnatry ko gumawa kaso nd ko nagugustuhan ung rsesults..haha!! bka pwd nyo po ako matulungan..thank you po!ehe

  7. ay ung word po “flora”
    thank you po ulit!ehe

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