Posted by: jinoe | August 3, 2007

What’s there to be ashamed of?

My sister woke me up yesterday to tell me that there’s no more feminine wash and pantyliner.  It’s not a good idea to talk to me right after I wake up.  I have a slow boot up process that I tend to be rude in the first few minutes while my memory is loading.  So I just shoved her off and told her I only do groceries on weekends since everything is budgeted.  She just left probably in a bad mood.  I just went back to sleep.

Suddenly, the feminine wash and pantyliner made an impression on my memory.  I remember a time when we attended a concert.  I brought a bag with me and my female relatives dumped their stuff into it, including sanitary napkins.  So when we were at the gate for inspection, the security guard gave me a what-are-these-things-doing-in-your-bag look, when he saw the packs of napkins in a bag.  I felt embarrassed.

I recalled another time when a relative asked me to buy sanitary napkins for her at the nearest sari-sari store.  I asked, why me.  She just told me that its shameful for a lady to buy it at the store especially when there were boys standing there.  So I obliged since she told me to buy candies with the extra money. 

I went to the store and told the tindera in a soft voice what I needed.  I don’t want others to overhear what I was buying.  The tindera gave me the napkin cleverly wrapped in a newspaper and the candies in a clear plastic.  I find it funny why the napkins need to be wrapped when it still obviously looked like a napkin was placed in there.  I hurriedly went back home while hearing giggles from the bystanders.  I was the one who got embarrassed.

I woke up with a decision that I need to buy the delicate necessities of my sister.  This time, it’s not just pantyliners or napkins, but I have to buy a feminine wash, shaver, hair conditioner and body lotion, as well.  What can be worst than that? 

I was at the body care section of the grocery store.  I was the only guy roaming around the area looking for the kikay stuff.  While other lady shoppers were getting special treatment from the sales ladies, I felt I was getting a what-are-you-doing-here looks from them.  Finally I have everything I needed in the basket and went straight to the cashier.  I fell in line since a lady shopper was in front of me checking in the more kikay stuff like make up, nail polish and more.  I waited for another embarrassment for the things I was buying.

My turn.  It was a good thing I was greeted politely like a normal male shopper.  To my relief, I received the items with no giggles, unwanted remarks, or strange looks from the cashier.  Then, I noticed, that the lady in front of me was no lady at all.  But a guy dressed in tight female clothes.  I looked back at the cashier and she just gave me a nod and a smiled.  No wonder, the cashier thought it was normal for me to buy these things. 

I wanted to say, Excuse me, but I am not related to that lady, I mean, to that man.  These stuffs are for my sister.  But, I glanced upon my reflection at the steel bars and noticed my shirt was pink.  I decided, its not good to argue and prove my manliness.

I just said to the cashier, “Miss, thank you”, using my deepest and most modulated manly voice.  Then, I left and hid all the items in my bag.



  1. wehehe. gin sugo man ko sang una bakal napkin sa tiangge. pakta kung ano linya ko…

    ‘nang bakal ko gani daku nga band-aid para sa daku nga pilas.

    another version “Nang bakal ko band-aid sa bulanan nga pilas”. Hehehe. ano pa guid ayhan mga secret sg girls?

  2. LoL@jinoe =) you’re a big kid hahaha you’re right about that napkin being wrapped in a newspaper though. I never thought it weird until you mentioned it. I always thought that they wrap everything in newspapers but looking back at it now, it was only the napkin that wrap! hehehe

    I got over the embarassment when I reached high school. In my case, buying condoms used to be embarassing. But now, I’m proud to throw in a bottle of lube with the purchase, cause it means one thing…I’m gettin’ some lovin’ hahaha

  3. lactacyd na xa jin? hahahaha

  4. hahahahaha good luck!

  5. I’m a girl and I still have to make sure that’s not the only thing I pick up from the store whenever I have to buy the femmy stuff. Wala pa daan putos-putos sa newspaper diri. I can only imagine how bad it would be for a guy. haha!

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