Posted by: jinoe | July 27, 2007

Job Hunting Blues – Awkward Situations

Books about job hunting will teach you the tricks you need to get that dream job.  Does it teach you everything?  Of course not.  Here are some personsal experiences that needs some answers.  So far, no book is brave enough to tell me what to do in these awkward situations.


I was asked to come for an interview at 3:00 pm.  I left the house early and arrived a few minutes before the designated time.  An hour has passed, then another, and then another.  I was already impatient that I felt like leaving.  I was both hungry and sleepy already.  Apparently, the interviewer was busy, that’s why he cant make it on time.  Finally, I was called at 7:00 pm.  The interviewer looked even more tired than I am and was very sleepy as well.  He kept closing his eyes while talking to me for an hour.  It is important to get the attention of the interviewer.  But in this case, I just dont think I can sell myself for the job effectively.  Should I tell a joke?  Sing?  Make funny movements?  Walk-out?  I just kept on talking and gave short answers so that we can go home early.


I was in a small closed room with the interviewer.  Just me and the interviewer in a closed, air-conditioned room.  And suddenly, the air is filled with a foul smell.  It smells like fart!  It is fart!  And, I swear, I am not the source.  Quite obvious who did it.  How should I react since the person in front of me is the key to that dream job I am waiting for?  I can’t make faces or make a silly grin.  I just held my breath and prayed that the door will suddenly open for fresh air to come in.


The HR personnel was doing an initial interview at her desk, asking me with the usual questions.  Suddenly a full grown cockroach came rushing across her desk and was going towards me.  My eyes grew wide open as I anticipate a pandemonium in case that insect jumps right to my clothes.  Should I scream?  Jump?  Stand on the desk?  Smash the cockroach with my shoes?  I made a quick movement that must have rattled the cockroach to change its direction.  Now it was moving towards the other end of the desk where the HR personnel noticed it.  She must be used to insects moving around because in an instant, she grabbed a roll of paper from behind and gave the insect a good sweep away from the desk.  The cockroach flew towards the wall where it took refuge in another pile of papers. 


Could you have done better in these situations?



  1. I have had my own fair share of job hunting in Makati earlier this year. It was then when i realized how difficult it is to sell myself to the Corporate world despite my credentials.

    Suddenly, i wished that i should not have quit my previous job then i would not have gone through the difficulty of roaming the wide streets of Makati just to be accepted as part of the Philippine Workforce rather than the department of the unemployed.

    Moving from one job to another is quite a norm nowadays. If the companies can easily kick us out of office, then employees can easily dump them for greener pastures as well. I strongly recommend that.

  2. hehhe! nkakahiya namn…so patay malisya cguro ung interviewer ano? 😀 sna mn lng ngpaalam sya para npaghandaan mo nmn.

  3. On #1:”Why don’t we do this interview in a bar?”

    On #2:”If you hire me now I won’t tell anybody that you farted!” hahahaha

    On #3:”I’m quite skillful with rolled paper too, I just forgot to put it on my resume.”

    I only had one job interview and I ended up asking questions while my interviewer poured her heart out and told me all her problems with the very company I was applying to! hehehe

    @#2 Korek gd e. Kung makahambal ka pa sg kapi-ot e.

    @#3 Amo guid ni ang sinyales nga indi ko kuhaon ang ubra. I had a similar experience when the hiring manager would mention several times how great their pressure is and they badly need a new guy in the team. I suddenly lacked interest and it was just ok that they never called back.

  4. on # 1: i had similar situation when i was interviewing for a job in the philippines, even though i was a fresh grad but i felt i was not treated professionally and at the mercy of the interviewer. i would like to leave since i did not want the job anymore since i didnt want to have an unprofessional boss, but then i stayed since i wanted to tell him how i felt.

    on # 2: that’s sad, he should say sorry at least if he couldnt stop it, or he should have excused himself if he felt it coming. i guess, if i were there i would exhale then hold my breath for a while, or would excuse myself to open the door.

    on # 3: you were lucky it changed its direction :).

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