Posted by: jinoe | July 26, 2007

Mama Mia

Mama has been complaining of pain on her throat and a possible lump.  She has felt it for quite a while but thought it was managable.  Tatam, my sister, adviced her to have it checked with a doctor which she did last week.  The doctor’s advice was to have a biopsy.

Suddenly, mama told us she was feeling better.  The pain is gone.  This is her way of saying:  “It is expensive, I don’t have the money” or, “I am scared of what will be the results.  What I dont know won’t hurt me.”  She could really be hard-headed when it comes to her health.  Having graduated as a nurse a long, long time ago, she thinks she knows better than my sister who recently finished her degree in medicine.  It’s her body anyway.

Good thing I was able to unleash my convincing power.  I told her I’ll shoulder the expenses and mama agreed to have the biopsy.  Simple as that.

She had the biopsy yesterday.  Tatam and I were praying that the lump will be benign and no operation is needed.  We tried calculating the possible expenses if an operation is needed and I prayed even harder.

Mama texted Tatam the result of the biopsy and was forwarded to me. “Microscopic smears r celular cmposed of hemosiderin-laden macropahges aranged singly & n loose agregates n a background of colloid & erythrocytes.  Atypical thyrocytes r nt seen.

In short, whatever it is, it was benign.  But we still need the doctor’s final word if an operation is needed or not.  We’d keep on praying for Mama.  Need your prayers too.



  1. my prayers are for your family. tani indi lang.. bal-an ko kung ano kabudlay, na experience na namon kay tatay ko.

  2. c sis mo nga c tatam ng grad sa LCS-hinigaran? my schoolmate ko before nga tatam mn..

    Yep. Daw siya guid na. Check mo ang pics nya sg graduation sa Iloilo. Ara sa post ko nga Priceless. Kilal-anay kamo?

  3. Sureness Kapatid! Isasama ko po ang iyong family lalo na ang Mama mo.

  4. I hope your mama won’t have to go through an operation, Jin.

  5. jinowee!

    im praying for tita dear. musta na xa? enjoy xa mga manok did2? hehehehe

  6. buti na lang. benign ang lump. ilonggo ba yung comment sa itaas? medyo naiintindihan ko.

    It was a big relief na benign. Ilonggo nga yun. May dugong Ilonggo ka ba?

  7. sickness cannot be avoided, it’s a part of life.

    but there is a cure… for every ailment that we have. (arg…)

    don’t forget to pray and trust in Him, He knows what’s best for your Mom, but don’t depend on faith alone, “action speaks louder than words.” — sabi nga nila.

    pero sa panahon ngayon, bawal magkasakit. 😉

  8. rep: i know her but i doubt kng remmber nya pa ko..cguro sa itsura. actually ahead lng ko sa ila batch sng hs. congrats sa iya.. 😉

    I’ll let her know. I even snatched your pic sa friendster just in case it can spark some memories for her. Hehehe.

  9. ok jin..kibot mn ko sa friendster ba…(smile)

    Guin pakita ko na kay Tatam pic mo. Yep, dumduman nya ka. Batch kamo gali ya ni Ian.

  10. Jin, I hope all stays well with your family. My thoughts and prayers are going out to you guys. Take care.

  11. hi jin, hopefully there will be no operation needed especially that sometimes the procedure can be worse than the disease, but if ever there will be, we’ll pray for the strength of your mother to face the procedure.

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