Posted by: jinoe | July 23, 2007

Job Hunting Blues – Out of this World Questions

The tough part in the job hunting process is the interview stage.  There are common interview questions where you can easily formulate and prepare a witty answer.  However, some interviewers are even more well prepared that they can knock you off with questions you can never imagine being asked.  Here are a few interview questions from my personal experience and those shared by others.  These were part of a technical interview.

  1. Imagine you are inside your car,  stopped at an intersection, with the windows closed and the aircon turned off.  Now a helium balloon is attached next to your seat, probably tied on the hand break.  Once the car starts to accelerate, will the balloon move forward or backward?  Explain you answer.  He was trying to test my problem solving skills.  Now I have a big problem.  So I tried to dig up all the laws of physics I can remember.  I answered that the balloon will move backward which agrees with Newton’s Law of Motion.  He said, I did a good explaination and the process of solving it was quite right.  But, he said my answer is wrong.  The balloon will move forward.  Go figure.  You may need to call upon the spirits of Archimedes and Pascal for this one.
  2. If you were to cut an object using three lines, what is the maximum number of pieces you can get?  Another tough question.  It should be easy but the question was quite incomplete that’s why I wasn’t able to answer it well.  He was testing how far can I think outside of the box.  I kept on asking for details like what the shape Im going to cut, should the piece be in equal parts, should the lines be straight.  All he said was to think outside the box to get the answer.  Finally, he added that there should be eight equal pieces and think in 3-dimensions.  With that, I gave him the answer he wanted.
  3. Prove to me that the table in front of us does not exist.  Not during my interview but a question given to a friend in one of his interviews.  I don’t know how to answer this.  Would you?  Until today, this question bothers me a lot.

With questions like these, how am I supposed to land a job?  But they say, it’s how you answer the question that matters.  I, thank you.



  1. di ko rin masagot yung third question. di tumatalab yung pilosopo powers ko diyan.

  2. Gawd. I can’t help but think that those interviewers were on a power trip.

    Oh well, if it were an MG pageant all the colorful adjectives would’ve been put to good use…ie:

    “Like you, after decades, I’m still hung up on the Matrix so much so that every morning, I take the red pill and awake in the real world of degenrate human beings. It is only during job interviews such as this, conducted by Agent Smith wannabe dickheads such as you, that I slip back into the Matrix where nothing actually exists, including this table right in front of us.”

    Hey, if you’re not going to get the job anyway, might as well bitch while you still can hehehe.

  3. hahahaha jinoe, i love this post! nakibot ko sa mga questions.

    the most difficult question i got from a recent job interview (got a managerial offer which i turned down because i will be assigned somewhere, LOL!): DO YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND? hahahahaha

    of course, i answered: YES! WE JUST BROKE UP! heheheheh

    i miss you my friend! huhuhuhu my latest pic ka?

    Baw, pabudlayan ka guid nila sa mga pamangkot. May mga pics ko sa Flickr. I think ang lastest ang 24 roses. Si papa ara sa Cebu subong. Attend seminar. Baw lagaw-lagaw lg si councilor.

  4. tsakto ka jin, it’s not much about your correct answer but how you manage to present yourself in that maybe awkward situation (or how you answer it). i remember the last time i was in an awkward situation like that was when i was interviewing for US tourist visa. the consul asked me, “what is H 2 S O 4?” at the same time looking at my ID, imagine me replying, ” H 2 S O 4? I dont think there is an H 2 S O 4 in my ID at all.” hehehehe, with my answer he took my passport and about to stamp it and gave it to me (meaning I would be denied since imagine a chemical engineer could not answer what H 2 S O 4 is), but his mistake was, before stamping denied in my passport, he said, “you’re the chemical engineer and you dont know what is H 2 S O 4?” thankfully when he said that I realized what he was asking about so I challenged him if he wanted a discussion in the optimization of the production of H 2 S O 4! He gave me a 10 year multiple entry visa, hehehe!

  5. Prove to me that the table in front of us does not exist. Not during my interview but a question given to a friend in one of his interviews. I don’t know how to answer this. Would you? Until today, this question bothers me a lot.

    “Sir, kung mapapatunayan ko na ang mesang nasa harapan natin ay “wala sa ating harapan”, naniniwala po akong ito na ang ating huling pagkikita. Nais ko pong magtrabaho kasama ang mga taong may kapit sa katotohanan at may pakilala sa katotohanan at hindi mabobola o mapapaniwala sa mga bagay bagay na alam naman nilang sa simula pa lamang ay tama o hindi na … Magkaganon pa man, nais kong patunayan sa inyo na ang mesang nasa ating harapan ay wala sa ating harapan, kung, mapapaniwala po ninyo akong mayroon talagang mesa sa ating harapan, dahil wala po akong nakikita — (dapat walang hinto, dere derecho, tingin mata sa mata, walang nerbiyos, at bahagya mong itaas ang kanang kilay mo habang nakasara ang labi) …

    Ganyan ang attitude. 😛

    Goodluck pala

    Well said pare. Palaban nga to! My batchmate also gave me the same tricky answer for this tricky question. Hindi ko kaya mag-isip na ganun yung isasagot ko. Malamang nag “next question pls” ako.

  6. Oh wow! Very well said contestant number five Isagani X, representing Guatemala! hehehe galing ng sagot ehehe I just love it! =)

  7. Jap, Pilipinas po ang nirerepresent ko. Mula sa tabing riles ng Alabang, kung saan maraming magnanakaw ang nakatira! 😛

    — Batang Riles~

  8. […] ako sa blogosphere para magbasa basa nang mapadpad ako sa blog ni Jinoe. Ang entry nakita ko ay ang Job Hunting Blues – Out of this World Questions. Mayroong tanong doon na naipost siya, paano daw ba sasagutin ang tanong ng job interviewer, kung […]

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