Posted by: jinoe | July 19, 2007

My Road to Riches – Engineer Role Models

I have been contemplating on what business to start and own someday.  After reading the book Go Negosyo by Joey Concepcion, I was inspired by the success of some individuals who made it big.  From simple start ups to successful franchises, they can really tell you anyone can make it big.

I was greatly inspired by engineers who were able to make their road to success in business.  Some of them started a business related to the engineering field.  While there were others who decided to let go of their engineering careers and become full time entreprenuers.  Some started from humble beginnings, while others where already making it big and eventually, made it even bigger.  I would say these people are my role models as I start looking for that oppurtunity.

Dado Banatao – This name should be remembered by any aspiring Filipino engineer.  He graduated with BS Electrical Engineering in Mapua Institute of Technology (cum laude) and two MS degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Stanford University.  From humble beginnings, he grew up at a small farming barrio in Iguig, Cagayan Province.  He used to walk barefoot to school.  Now, he is a successful scientist, entreprenuer and an inventor.  He started several companies in the US and all of them had been successful.  Among the techie companies he started are Mostron (motherboards), Chips and Technologies (chipsets), and S3 (graphic chips).

Feliciano Juarez – President and Founder of Copylandia.  He started with an engineering course in UP just for the sake of taking up a college degree.  He ended up finishing a degree in Political Science.  The idea of Copylandia started with a problem of having a few law books and a few but expensive photocopiers.  He started with one photocopy machine offering cheaper service which eventually grew to where it is right now.

Guillermo Luchangco – Chairman and COE of Investment and Capital Corporation of the Philippines (ICCP) Group.  He graduated as a Chemical Engineer (magna cum laude) from DLSU.  He started working as an R&D Engineer at Procter and Gamble.  Later, he took up MBA at Harvard.  He came back to the Philippines and held several managerial positions at SGV.  Finally, he started a venture company holding different companies from the semicon industry to real estates.

Dennis Mendiola – founded and created the Chikka Messenger.  He is an Electrical Engineering graduate but also holds degrees in MBA from Harvard Business School and BS in Ecomonics (summa cum laude).  Chikka started in 2000.  In just three quarters, Chikka exceeded its target goals.  Today, it is the most widely used IM-SMS application and is one of the most successful Filipino dot.coms. 

William Torres – President and Founder of Mozcom.  He is known as the “Father of the Philippines Internet” for his pioneering efforts in bringing internet to the country.  He obtained his MS and PhD in Computer Science at University of Wisconsin.  He worked in several government positions related to IT.  As early as 1993, he started his proposal to set up an internet connection in the Philippines.  By 1994, he co-founded MozCom Internet which is the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the country. 

Alfredo Yao – the man behind the juice drink Zest-O.  A rags to riches story, Alfredo took up an engineering course at Mapua while at the same time doing odd jobs to support his schooling.  After two years, he decided to quit school and prioritize his work.  He worked at a packaging warehouse where he got the idea of starting his own printing press.  From one of his trips to Europe, he discovered “doy packs”.  He bought a machine but no one was interested at that time to use this technology.  This prompted him to put the machine to use by making his own juice drink from his kitchen.  Thus, Zest-O was born.  Alfredo Yao is a receipient of the Ernst & Young Entreprenuer of the Year Award 2005.

I am happy for those who used their engineering skills to succeed.  Others ended up being successful in another field.  But I guess, their engineering stint, no matter how short, was a stepping stone to where they are now.

Will I be successful as an engineer? Or will I find a passion on something else?  God knows.  If its something else,  I think it has to do something with food.  Yum yum.



  1. magaling magaling. ^_^

  2. […] My Road to Riches – Engineer Role Models […]

  3. Yes, I agree. Take Lucio Tan, he’s a chemical engineer but he became rich because he’s a businessman. Entrepreneurship is the way to go.

    That’s why I thinking of a good business myself. Kis-a simple man lang ang ginhalinan pero nag-asenso.

  4. well, i go for alfredo m. yao.
    hope to see hid complete profile

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