Posted by: jinoe | July 18, 2007

Are you excited with Harry Potter 7? Download here.

I am not a Harry Potter fan.  I haven’t read any Harry Potter books and only watched the 1st Harry Potter movie.  Thus, I am not excited with the last installment of the Harry Potter series because definitely I won’t appreciate the ending.

But I have ebooks of the series from 1-6.  Never bothered to read them yet.  And guess what?  I found an ebook for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  Well, someone seems to have a copy of the of the book and was so kind to have every page photographed and uploaded into the internet.  Cool guy.

While other ebooks were fake and were done by fans, this one seems to be authentic since it was photographed directly from the book.  I did not download it since the file size was too big.  I’d rather wait for the scanned pdf or borrow all the books from a friend.

The book is soon to be out in the market.  Will you wait for the real thing?  Or take a peek on what will finally happen to Harry?  I say, we’ll just wait.


But if you really can’t wait.  Here’s a download link from Rapidshare ~40MB.  The file is in PDF and are photographed copies of the book.  Magnify the pages to read.  They said its authentic.  I haven’t tried it, so just see for yourself.



  1. gakatulogan ko iya sa harry potter films. yudi… number 1 sa growing blogs of the day…. congrats

    Oo gani. Kita ko sa Dashboard. Teh nalingaw na guid ko e.

  2. Argh. Never read the book, didn’t interest me at all. Watched some of the films, entertaining enough but nah. I don’t care about Harry Potter. But. But. Have you seen Daniel Radcliff’s Equus photos? HoTTTTT!

    Same here. I read a few pages of the first book and it didn’t interest me to continue. I find the books A Series of Unfortunate Events and the Eragon Trilogy more exciting.

  3. haha. ngayon lang ako naexcite. dahil wala akong pera, i made a deal with a classmate na pahihiramin niya ako ng hp7 pagkatapos niya basahin. we will be joining a hp quiz bee in up kaya dpat naming basahin ang huling book. haha

    Hanep na contest a. Ano mapapanalunan mo dyan? Yung Nimbus 2000 o yung Invisible Cloak?

  4. di me excited… mas gusto ko dota.

    *exchange links?*

    Hindi ako marunong mag-DOTA. PEro excited ako sa Starcraft 2. Its about time na maag-release na sila ng bago.

    Link kita sa Blogroll ko. 😀

  5. Uy Jin, btw, congrats on being on top at wordpress =) well deserved =) keep up the great work!

  6. gavan!

    congrats gali migo! heheheh long hair? ngek! opposite ka na ni singson bah! hehehehehehe

    ive been following the films but i havent read the books.

    retro amok mo da migs! ano na ya man?!

    Hehehe… That was 3 years ago bla mo. Lip-ot na buhok ko. Pero miss ko na ang long hair.

  7. just looove harry potter… it’s entertaining and fun to read and interesting and not boring at all…

    read it, before you say you don’t like it 🙂

    I think Harry Potter will be a good read. Don’t worry, once I finish some books at home, I’d start reading the first book. It’s just that I didn’t catch my attention that much when it was first released. I thought I outgrew fantasy and magic already.

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