Posted by: jinoe | July 17, 2007

Piggybank Sponsors My Shopping Spree

After three years, I decided to open up my piggy bank last weekend.  I’m proud of it since it’s my first time to save this amount using a piggy bank.  Every weekend, if there is something left from my budget, I place it in my pigybank.  I only placed 100 pesos paper bills or higher so I was able to save a good amount for a good shopping.  But I’m getting just a portion of it to splurge and save the others in a bank.

This is where my money went:

a pair of shoes on sale.
three collared shirts.
jeans on sale.
slacks on sale.

I still have some budget left for a few more items.  I am still thinking if I should buy sunglasses which I can use during jogging, a new pair of running shoes and a new wristwatch with leather straps.  I’ll think about it.  I might need another three years to save.



I was enjoying my shopping that I totally forgot I have a bag.  Those shopping bags I was carrying overshadowed it.  I realized it when I was already at home and it was no use going back to the mall since its already closing time.  Good thing it was well taken care of by the clerks and I was able to get it back the next day.  I gave them 2 boxes of brownies as a sign of my appreciation.  Something inside my bag was worth more than my shopping spree so I can’t afford to lose it. 

Shopping can be bad for me.  This isn’t the first time I forget my stuff when I’m in public places.



  1. ayayay! Good thing you got your bag back. Great new look, Jin! it’s so refreshing hehehe fantastic header too! your hair is perfect for the pictorial hehehe

    Im glad you like the new look of my page. Oh the hair… I miss it.

  2. bili ka na lang world balance, mas mura for a good start running shoes. ^^

    I prefer to have New Balance this time. I often see more runners wearing this brand. It must be good. There’s a factory outlet of sports shoes and apparel at Market Market. Its cheap. I saw one that will just cost me around 2,000. Not bad.

  3. sarap ng feeling na ngshashopping lalo na pag my pera 😀

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