Posted by: jinoe | July 15, 2007

Meatless Mondays

It starts officially today.

I have been planning to lessen eating meat.  I used to prepare vegetable salads at home and in the office.  I also used to prepare oatmeal.  But lately, I haven’t.  Sometimes I get lazy to prepare and sometimes I just got sick and tired of eating them.

I know having less to zero meat in your plate is healthy.  So, I have to start eating more vegetables, fruits and grains.  I have to lessen eating sweets and chips.  I am starting it now, one day at a time.  That’s why my Monday’s will be meatless.  That means, I wont be eating meat every Monday.  I am not turning fully vegetarian.  I don’t think I can do it yet.  But I can be a vegetarian for a day.  I’ll start there.  But I would still be having milk and eggs.  I hope I can find alternative for those.

I have two motivations for this.  One, is really about health and for my children someday.  I am not yet married and many people would comment that by the time my children will graduate college, I might be walking with sticks.  Well, I want to make sure I can still out run my kids on a 10K marathon even when I’m 50 or 60.

Second, I watched a video sponsored by the group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)and it really made me concerned.  Their main thrust is to stop animal violence and maltreatment.  Eating meat is cruel to animals.  Their video on factory farms made me feel like a ruthless and merciless carnivore.

Today, I will be having garden salad with Italian dressing for breakfast and dinner.  Then some vegetable crackers and an apple for lunch. This is hard.  It’s taking me more than 10 minute to finish my garden salad whereas I can devour 2 piece of chicken franks in less than 5 minutes.  I think I have to be more creative in my menu.  Will this be another reason to hate Mondays?  Hehehe.

By the way, here is my theme song.  “Makulay ang buhay…”  I have to sing and dance this one by heart to make me stick to this routine.



  1. have you tried soymilk as substitute for milk jin? i love soymilk, only that sometimes i really have to drink regular milk for health purposes since it seems it is my most natural way of treating some digestive disorders. plus of course, it is very hard to say no to ice cream and cheesecake, which are dairy products.

    Yes, I love soy milk. But I have been on milk lately since I think I need it for my running habit. And yes, ice cream and cakes will be hard to resists. But only for Mondays.

  2. last year ata ganyan din ang pakiramdam ko nung nabasa ko yung libro tungkol sa animal liberation. nakukunsensiya nga ako dati nung una, pero ngayon hindi na. Kain lang ng kain ng karne.

    Sana maging consistent ako tuwing Monday. Kay naghanap ako ng mga bagong recipe para palaging may bago. Nakakasawa din kasi na paaging garden salad at cracker na lg. Ganyan ako dati hanggang naubusan ako ng makain. E di balik sa karne.

  3. Jin, I hope you can stick with it. I’m not too concerned about animal rights (men have long since been carnivorous and after Disney we’ve all gotten soft) but I agree with you, it is healthier to eat less meat. I stopped eating pork more than a year ago. While it was easy to get rid of the craving, it was harder for me to hang out with friends because we’d have a hard time looking for a place where there’s fish being served.

    As if to confirm my pork abstinence, I found work in Qatar where pork is banned. The good thing about Mid Eastern cuisine is they always serve heaps of fresh garden salad in every meal bisan turo-turo lang ang kalan-an.

    BTW, that Knorr commercial has a catchy tune, but don’t you think it sends out a wrong message? MSG is definitely not healthy.

    I agree with the MSG. That’s the problem with food nowadays. You cannot be 100% safe. Fruits and vegetables have pesticides. They might be GMOs. The best will be to have your own backyard or go organic.

    While every Monday will be meatless, I can still eat all the chocolates and chips that I want. Hehehe.

  4. jin, lu-oy ka man, lagi na lang garden salad? hehehe, even if i like salad since it is the easiest to prepare, but i could not stand it if it would be everyday. i am very much veggie person though, however, i do crave for fish and sea foods at times (like right now i am imagining pinamalhan na tilapya). i can live without chicken, beef, pork, and other meats though since i dont really like them. here are some veggie suggestions aside from salad:

    1. laswa, my all time favorite!
    2. tofu kilawin (without the baboy), just thin slices of tofu, a lot of fresh tomatoes (yummy!) and onions.
    3. mango or avocado salsa.
    4. meatless pasta (khai’s favorite), just tossed in olive oil and fresh basil.
    5. tofu curry, tofu adobo, tofu with mushroom.
    5. grilled mushroom, mushroom steak, mushroom burger.
    6. egg plant salad, grilled eggplant, fried eggplant,eggplant omelette, sauteed eggplant with sesame seeds, there are so many ways to make yummy eggplant dishes, just adventure.
    7. bittermelon quiche, bittermelon omelette, bittermelon in black bean sauce, bittermelon in balsamic vinegar, bittermelon and string beans.
    8. okra and tofu quiche, okra adobo, meatless pinakbet.
    okay, i must stop before this becomes a blog-long list of veggie dishes. maybe i’ll just write my own blog about veggie dishes, recipes to share!

    Thanks for sharing!!! Amo na gani nag-search man ko gapon sg mga recipe para lain naman bala haw. Garden salad is easy to prepare, that’s why I eat it more often. I miss laswa. It’s #1 on my list, too. Piyermi namon ni ginaluto kung weekend sg lapit kami sa tindahan. Galing nagsaylo na kmi kay wala kami makuha na nami nga utan di.

    Ang number 7 daw kalain sina ya haw? Ano na ang bittermelon man? Quiche? Basi indi na maka-intiendi ang nagabaligya kung magbakal ko na.

  5. From a former vegeratian for 5 years, meatless mondays is a good start.Its easy to give up meat, harder to give up fish. Check out for vegetarian suggestions. Pasta and vegetarian taco are on the top of my list. Pasta is easiest to prepare. Oh, and my all time favorite of course, tuna salad sandwich (tuna, lettuce, picke relish, olives, very thin cucumber slices, cracked black pepper, and a dressing of fat free mayonnaise and mustard. cheese is optional. If you have fresh dill, it would be sooooooo good). Makes me wish I was eating one now…. although I have to stay away from tuna for a while because of allergies. huhuhu. But try it anyway. Its perfect with iced tea (as in brewed tea nga ginpa cold) for lunch

    yummy… try ko man ni Pots a. Pero pati fish zero man ko kung Monday. Still finding a substitute for eggs and other diary products.

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