Posted by: jinoe | July 13, 2007

Exciting things for the week

This week is almost coming to an end but it leaves a lot of excitement.  Whatever happens next could change my directions in life.  And what makes it more exciting is the “next” might be sooner than I think.


My adviser asked me to submit a technical paper for the DLSU-Osaka University Research Workshop.  The workshop will be held here in school and will be a sharing of researches done by the two universities. We decided to submit my thesis for the workshop.  This will be a good exposure for my research and can boost my approval for the defense of my thesis proposal next month.  We are sending the paper today.  I hope it make it to the review and will be included in the workshop.


Another company is requesting for my compensation package.  This means that they are interested in hiring me.  Great, now I will have two companies to choose from.  I have another offer from another company but I havent made a decision yet.

I have been looking for a new job.  I had a lot of exams, interviews, and rejections.  I had a few job offers too but so far none has been that attractive.  It has been tiring.  I could consider myself lucky to receieve several interview requests every month.  I am running out of reason to be absent at work to attend to these interviews.  But I am still unlucky not to hear again from most of them.

Lately, I have been praying to get this job.  The company is starting up in the country.  The work is exactly what I am looking for.  The location is nearer.  The salary is competitive.  Since they are now asking for my current compensation, I am expecting an offer by next week.  I just hope it ends well.


I am working to revamp our Youth Music Ministry in church.  It has not been consistent and we end up have a lousy music when the program starts.  I strongly believe that music play a big role in the worship programs and that’s why I want to improve it this year.  The meeting we had last night wasn’t as successful as I wished it would be.  Only a couple showed up.  But its a start.  With new people who are joining and eager to contribute, we can have a great youth worship service every sabbath.  I think we can see changes before the month ends.



  1. ang swerte mo naman. good luck.

  2. Gavan!

    wow jinowee! these are a cool things shaping up for you, golden boy! my best wishes for a good person like you. i am positive that everything you wish for will work out this time.

    miz u bro!

  3. Goodluck sa job position

  4. way to go Jin, it seems many good things are coming your way, and you deserve them. you’ve come a long way, good luck and best wishes to everything.

  5. Jin, you get job offers left and right and they say that the Philippines lacks jobs? hehehe

    Good luck on your church project, are you planning a choral group or a band?

    The Philippines lack the jobs that you really want. I think that’s the problem. There can be plenty of openings but not everyone wants to fill the position. Pilian man a. Especially with how much they will pay you.

    The church project will just be a group of people who will lead the singing. Not really a formal choral group or band. That would be nice also. Pero subong, shy pa ang mga tawo. Gina tipon ko lang sila anay. Then, we’ll see what we can do with them.

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