Posted by: jinoe | July 11, 2007

Half way there

I had great progress these past weeks with my thesis.  I completed the Matlab simulations and drafted Chapters 1-3 of my thesis proposal.  I am set to deliver the thesis proposal by next month.

But its far from over.  First, I have to convince the panel that my research topic is relevenant and worthy to be pursued.  Then I need to start coding the hardware design and do the simulations again.  I was thinking that this can be completed before the year ends.  But after breaking down the tasks, it might take a few more months.  Unless, I could speed things up then I might just meet my personal deadline.

I am excited to deliver the proposal and start the design.  When, I posted my codes last time, it got several clicks and downloads.  At least, I know other people are also interested in the same topic.

The best part is yet to come.



  1. Jin, I didn’t know you spoke Latin! =) hehehe gawd when you talk like that I feel like a total noob! =P Congrats on making progress on your thesis.

  2. Gavan!

    Good luck sa thesis!

    God bless sa presentation!

    Japs, the Latin thing is back! LOL!

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