Posted by: jinoe | July 9, 2007

Flower Power: The Day After – A Conclusion

This is a bit overdue. I should have written this exactly the day after. But I guess I needed more time to give an update since the story doesn’t seem to end within 24 hours after Quennie received them.

The roses arrived before lunch time. The timing was ok since they were planning to have lunch outside the office and I am afraid that the roses will be delivered without Quennie to receive them personally. She does have an idea that I am up to someting since I asked for her office address and I kept asking her where she will be on that day. But she doesn’t know what I am really up to.

So what happen right after Quennie received the two dozen roses. Well, not the reaction I expected but it was amusing how she and others would respond with the roses.

  1. She called me in the office right away. Her first words are: “Nga-a may bulak?” (Why are there flowers?). That gave me an idea that she already saw the roses. I was expecting a thank you, at least but we ended the phone call without a thanks. Eventually, she said thanks a few hours later. And of course there are different ways of saying thank you. Ehem. Just need to be creative.
  2. The roses were worth a thousand pictures. Some of her officemates had their pictures take with the roses as well. And Quennie took a lot of pictures of the roses while they are still fresh. She transfered them into a vase two days later. And the day after that, the roses wilted.
  3. The roses were dried up. The petals were placed in a bottle while the stems are still in a vase. No trash. It is now displayed in the living room. I think these are the batch of roses that will receive a lot of exposure time.
  4. An unexpected gift at an unexpected time (I heard this from the movie Finding Forrester). It never fails to catch a girl. It always work. She became extra sweet, extra caring, extra talkative.  I often do this in college and less often when we started working.

The conclusion, its always these simple things that brings back that loving feeling all over again. She felt like a princess in her 18th birthday. I felt like a young teenager with raging hormones.  Hahaha.



  1. ka sweet…..keep it up jin…proud of you and quennie…..stay sweet

  2. Oh, raging hormones indeed LoL but yuh, girls are girls. Don’t give them roses and they ask why you’re not sweet enough, give them roses and they still ask why. hehehe

  3. hahahahahahahahaha


    Well, just how creative one could get to say “thank you” after receiving pretty roses? hehehehe

    Sweet Jin… if I were on her shoes, hahay… good luck na lang sa vase and the roses… hahahahaha

    Di ta gd ka pagbuy-an… hahahahaha

    Miz you bro!

  4. sweet. sablay kasi ako sa pagbibigay ng roses pero maalala ko din minsan, binigyan ko si BebeKo. kala ko normal lang, after few years nakita kong katago-tago nya pala sa kanyang baul. sarap ng pakiramdam. 🙂

    Classic pakipot a. Nakatago pala. Dati nagbigay ako ng perishable item. Pati ba naman yun itatago din sana. Kaso yun nga, nag-perish kaya kailangan itapon din. Hehehe.

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