Posted by: jinoe | July 6, 2007

30 minutes of Daydreaming

I entered my room feeling tired after another day of work.  Slept late last night working on my thesis and woke up early to catch the shuttle bus for work.  As usual I just caught up with my sleep on the bus.  That should explain my tired body.

Tonight, I felt like a stranger in my own room.  It’s not often I get to stay in my room and look around.  It’s just a place for me to drop my body at the end of the day.  A place to dress up hurriedly for work.  Everything is just automatic.  I can move in my room blindfolded since I know where to get my things.  But sometimes I send a lot of time finding my stuff.  My room is nothing but a place to stay and hide from the world.

I picked up the scattered things on the floor.  Paper, plastic, trash, underwear.  Usually you get to rediscover things while fixing the room.  I planned on fixing it quickly so that I can get back to what I’m doing.  I am supposed to continue working on my thesis and at the same time prepare a presentation proposal at work.  But I found things that made me stop for a while.

There’s a book I was to supposed to finish.  Instead, I was stuck on the last 3 chapters and wasn’t able to complete it.  I started browsing it and recalling what every chapter was all about.  As I skim through the pages, I realize how much I missed reading a good book.  I am bombarded with reports from work and numbers and equations from school.  My mind needs some rest.

There’s my sketchbook.  I have made a few portraits of my friends in the office last year.  I was glad I was able to finish each drawing.  It would take me at least a week to complete one.  Most of those I draw are no longer around.  They have moved on with thier careers.  I just recalled the times I would snatch away their photos from the web or from their shared directories.  Then secretly complete the portrait and ask them to sign my sketchbook.

There’s the colored pencil drawing I was supposed to complete.  I bought a big drawing book.  Beside it is a cut out picture of a flower from a magazine.  It was beautiful and vibrant.  That’s why I want to draw that flower in color.  I have gone as far as half of the picture.  The outlines are there waiting to be dabbed by another layer of color.  Waiting for the details to show.

In my mind, I thought of finishing the book.  Maybe just a few pages before I sleep.  Or open up the sketchbook and look for a blank page to start with.  Or get those colored pencils again and finish the other half of what I have already started.  But I got the urge to look at my watch.  It’s almost midnight.  I ran out of time.  I have to sleep since I need to wake up early tomorrow to catch the shuttle service to work.

I picked up the books, the sketch pad, and the pencils.  I turned off the lights and slept.  Maybe in my dreams I will know what its like to finally finish them.



  1. good choice. sleep is important too. good luck on finding time to do your stuff. i’m not a good sleeper, i usually prefer reading or watching a movie if i have a few hours to spare before dawn strikes again =)

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