Posted by: jinoe | June 20, 2007

My Road to Riches – Delaying Tactics

I can make a long list of things I want to buy right now.  When I go to the malls, I can’t help but look at all the new clothes from my favorite shops and the latest gadgets on display.  Then, I’d resist the tempation to go to the nearest atm or pull my credit card out from my wallet.

If there one good way to curb my spending habits, its the delaying tactics.  It’s effective most of the time that it allows me to save and revisit my prioritites.

It’s good to delay buying laptops.  Last year, the most reasonable priced laptops are around 40,000 Php.  Now, I can get one at 30,000 Php and its much better than last years model.  I was looking around Glorietta last week and finally, its the price I can afford.

It’s good to delay buying cellphones.  Everyone would notice that a brand new cellphone model will cost almost 50% less in less than 6 months.  So why buy the latest model now?  I would delay buying a cellphone knowing that the price significantly drop after 6 months.  Then, when the 6 months have passed, I have an eye for another model and end up waiting for another six months.  In the end, I never bought anything in a year.  Haaaay… when will the Moto ROKR E6 be less than 15,000 Php.  I think it might be for another year before I’d change my cellphone.

It’s good to delay buying clothes.  There’s a sale almost every month in every store and mall.  So I wait for these sale to happen when I buy my clothes.  But it should not be the usual sale at 10% off.  I’m waiting for the sale that reaches 50% off.  That is what I call a Sale!



  1. I agree with you… delaying tactics work… most of the time… i enjoy this one jinowee! Php 30K laptop? Pa buy beh!

    MSI ang brand. The price is for cash payments, even lower pa at 29K pero the specs are really good. I think it will also be available in most computer shops in cebu.

  2. very good indeed and it works most of the time. delaying it make you think about the things that are really necessary.

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