Posted by: jinoe | June 19, 2007

Flower Power

I know for a fact that flowers can make a lasting impression on women.  For me, giving a lady flowers is a sign of my total expression of love and affection to her. 

I have to admit that Quennie wasn’t the only girl I sent flowers to.  There were others before that.  But for the record, she had the last bouquet of flowers.  I had an experience of giving someone a single rose in the morning and then it wilted in the afternoon.  So much for asking for a sign to reciprocate my affection.  Another experience is giving a girl half dozen of roses and getting a kiss on the cheek in return.  Later, I wondered what could I have gotten for a dozen of long stem roses.

I never gave a dozen roses to someone yet.  A dozen of roses does sound sweet to give to a girl.  But that’s all I can afford before.  But now that I can afford a dozen of roses, what could I get in return from the recipient?

Well, I just might find out today.  I ordered a bouquet of roses on-line and sent it to Quennie’s office.  Not just one dozen, but two dozens of lavender, light pink and deep pink roses.  Let’s see what will happen…



  1. good luck, hehe, may you get what you wished to get in return :).

  2. Hmmmm… bakit kaya!?!?!?! Peace offering?
    SWWEEEEEEETTTTTTTT naman Jinoesky! I am sure Que will be ecstatically happy and surprised and more inlove!

    Walang away nanangyari. Experiment lg to. Hehehe.

  3. very good choice indeed. I think she will sense and appreciate the way you thought about what to send and the value you brought to her with your mind. emotions are attached to your bouquet.

  4. oo nga, bakit kaya? may kasalanan ka ano… hehehe….maybe you’re just one of the few remaining sweet guys. hope you get what you expect and more. 🙂

  5. Jinoe-Jinoe! I hope you are not trying to buy your way out of the doghouse. I’m sure Que will be very excited when she gets the pretty bouquet. Yodeeeee… score na naman si Toto. ;P

  6. Jinoe, are you tryin to get lucky tonight? hahaha just kidding =P
    Ok, so you’re a sweet guy. But, man, ordering it online?
    What happened to the deliver-it-yourself-and-stand-outside-her-window-in-the-pouring-rain-with-two-dozen-flowers tactic? Romantic movie cliche, I know, but it always has a happy ending =) hehe

    I use to give them personally but I always end up to be the one carry them around. This way she has no choice but carry the flowers herself. 😀

  7. jinowee! i havent received a flower pa guid! hehehehe well, if someone gives me a flower, good luck! kahit di na bouquet! hehehehehe good luck talaga!

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