Posted by: jinoe | June 15, 2007

When I grow up, I want to be a doctor

This is what I always say when I was kid.  It changed during high school when I know I got the hots for math and I dont think I would survive 10 more years of college.  So I took up engineering instead while it was one of the most lucrative courses in the 90s.  The ironic part is that I am now studying again for my master’s degree.  That’s 3 more years of staying in school.  If I want to get a doctoral degree, that’s another 3 years if I’m lucky.

Good thing my sister took that step to be a doctor.  Now she has graduated and having her internship here in Manila.  She enjoys it like she’s made for it.  She goes home every night after duty and tells me stories about her work.  I would envy how exciting it is to be a doctor and how fun it would be.  A good news is that, today I could proceed to medicine even if I took an engineering course.  Hmmm… what if…

Here are stories about some bloopers in the hospital during her duties.  And I thought, I might be a terrible doctor someday.


A nurse woke up her patient in the middle of a good sleep.

Nurse:  Wake up.  You need to take this medicine.
Patient:  What’s that for?
Nurse:  Sleeping pills to help you get some sleep.


My sister had her chance to place a catheter a male patient.  Its a tube placed into a body cavity, duct or vessel.  Hah!  I have to research that one at Wikipedia.  In this case, into the man’s penis to drain urine from the urinary bladder.  I had this one twice after I had an appendectomy operation in high school.

To perform this, a lubricant is placed on the tube and the penis is cleaned before the tube is inserted.  Suppose to be, only the tip of the penis requires cleaning.  Since its the first time of my sister, she cleaned the tip and even the shaft with an eager up and down motion.  So lo and behold, the patient had an erection.

The resident doctor corrected her innocent procedure with a nasty smile.  I wonder if the patient was smiling too?


In the hospital, my sister has a friend and fello intern who is an Indonesian and struggles a bit with English.  During their transistion in one of thier duties, the Indonesian asked my sister to complete the forms for him so that he can leave early.  With simple English, he said, “You complete me.”  Oh sure.




  1. Jinoe, the second one is hardly a blooper, it’s one of the perks, really! Hahaha

    Teh sang una, wala ko gn amo na ya haw. Nugon. 😉

  2. hahahaha i agree with japs jinowee! i should have been there… i could clean even way beyond the shaft! hahahaha

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