Posted by: jinoe | June 8, 2007

In Full Gears

Before the year started, I wrote in my journal that one of my goals this year is to finish my Master’s Degree.  I started with my studies last 2005.  This is my third year and just the right time to complete all my requirements.  On the average, they said that it takes 2-3 years to complete a masters degree.

I felt excited to embark on this challenge.  It’s really mind draining since every statement, every data, every findings would be scrutinized.  I have to be an expert on my chosen topic.  I have to be confident that I know more than my panelists and they won’t find a single doubt with my academic study.

I started my topic without any concrete idea about it.  I started from a blank slate.  After six months of reading the literature, I’m finally confident that I know what I am doing.  Well, half of it.  I have the draft of the first 3 Chapters done.  But my adviser told me to revised all of Chapter 2.  I’m starting to complete the codes in Matlab.  I starting to visualize the circuit in VHDL. 

Half way there.  I still need to finalize my drafts, complete chapter 4 (Design Specifications or Methodologies), complete and optimize the codes, defend the thesis proposal.  I have to finish all this by the last week of June.  All these plus doing projects at work and in church.  This is one big ride of my life.

I can’t afford to waste time.  I lessen watching TV but I can’t help to take a glimpse at the lastest news and Pinoy Big Brother.  I am watch Game 1 of the NBA finals right now.  I don’t stay long at the malls like I used to.  I sleep a bit later than before.  I look like a geek reading technical papers while on the bus.  I look like a mad scientist talking to myself while walking in public trying to internalize the lastest information I read.

Everything is in full gears.  I hope I can finish this before the year ends.  So far, everything is according to plan.  This is one thing I feel good while doing it and one of the few things that is making sense in my life for now.  I holding on to it.

Hopefully tonight I would complete the codes and post it in my blog to share with others who might be doing a similar research.



  1. Wow, good luck Jin! Giving up TV for a while is a small price to pay for an excellent result on your thesis. Congrats in advance =)

  2. Jinowee!

    Dear, grabe ko ka proud sa imo achievement. Even during high school, u always think supre out of the box and ur chosen field is a testament to ur character.

    Something really great will come out of it. Not for a single time since I have known u (even during those “don’t-talk-to-me-episodes” that you had), I have doubted your reasons and goals. You always have your way (even with ur love dept).

    I agree, hang on to it.

    I’ll back you up with prayers. Ok ra na nimo, dong?

    Miz yu brew!

  3. And Japs is right!

    There is always something positive about your post! hehehehehe

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