Posted by: jinoe | May 24, 2007

Learnings from the Elections

Papa was officially proclaimed by Comelec as one of the eight councilors in Ponvedra, Negros Occidental.  He will be having his oathtaking on June 30 and start his public service job on July 1.  While there was much anticipation of a sweet and smooth victory during the campaign period, the canvassing was a learning experience for us.  He rank 8th of the eight councilors.  Something we never expected.  Or maybe we just expected too much.

Politics is indeed a dirty game.  While Papa was busy campaigning for his whole party, others were campaigning just for themselves.  We never thought this was possible since the party seems to have a strong camaraderie during the campaign.  But when the counting started, some of this party members were enjoying single votes.  Other members were never voted for.  So they would enjoy the lead of more or less a thousand votes.  In places where papa gets the number one spot, he only leads by magnitudes of tens and his party members are close behind.

Politics doesn’t have permanent friends.  In the national level, we see people moving from one party to the other.  Emenies and friends joining together to form an alliance.  This is very similar in the municipal level.  You could never tell who is your friend and who is stabbing you from behind.  I can’t even trust papas party members after what happened.  I hope he would be careful in all his actions as a councilor.

Politics is strongly motivated by money.  During the campaign, there was an increase of visitors in our place looking for papa to tell them of their financial needs.  Previously, they were only relatives and acquintances.  Now, complete strangers would arrive early in the morning.  There were talks of vote buying.  It costs as little as twenty pesos.  Mama joked that she’d start saving 20 pesos each day until the next campaign period starts.

Papa is testing dangerous waters when he decided to join politics.  He doesnt know the rules of the games yet.  The ins and outs.  The tips and tricks.  When the counting was almost complete, he was still moving at the 7th, 8th and 9th spot.  He almost didn’t make it and was a bit disappointed.  It was only at the final hours that he had a comfortable lead for the final slot.  But he said, even if he is new in politics, he proud he started it the right way.  No cheating, no stabbing, no propagandas.  He is sure those who voted for him are those who truly believes in his capability to serve.  I, for one, is proud of my father.



  1. JINOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My favorite high school classmate! Hug ko beh! Hidlaw nako sa imo. (I’m teary-eyed while writing this comment! Leche ka!) This is the first time that I have come to read your blog! Thanks to Japs! Ahay, jinoe, seeing your pics and reading your post renewed by eternal friendship to you.

    Congrats kay Tito! heheheh Your a councilor’s son na hahahahaha teh, puede nako kapaligo sa pool? hahahahaha

    My mom asked about you months ago! So many have changed na. heheheheh wala na kami ginabaha! hehehehehe Im Cebuano na! Adopted, reared, and devirginized in Cebu! Kadto di jinoe kay damo di opportunities for a skilled, talented, EXTREMELY LOGICAL friend who prefers to own his problems way back in high school as opposed to some of our classmates who enjoyed broadcasting their adversities! hahahahahaha

    I always pray for you especially whenever October 1 comes. You truly are one of my best buddies, EVER! Bahala na kung indi ka magpati! hahahahaha

    Check the website on Cebu’s jobs, esp sa Economic Processing Zones:

    Catch my blog also my friend. Kadramahan ng buhay! As usual! hehehehehe

    I miss you, my dearest Jinoe! Musta na lovelife?

    Here’s my number: 0915 8810880

    Here, Joey S!

  2. Congratulations to your family!

  3. LoL Joey! na-unsa naman ka dong?! hahahaa gipromote ug taman ang sugbu heehehhe

    Pati ka na Jin, sa Davao ka kadto kay mas tahom ang Davao hahaha

    Just kidding Joe, I know you love Cebu, B?

    Well it’s about time you started reading blogs joe hahaha unya na pangeke ha LoL

    Oh, right, about the election, silly me, I hate politics, but I always hope that someone who has genuine concern for the people be given the post.

    I have faith in your pops Jin. I don’t know him but he certainly raised a fine gentleman. Good luck and may he be given more chances in higher posts in the years to come.


  4. hay election, inaantabayanan namin yan dito via TFC, may mga nakakainis na bahagi at meron din maganda. Tama ka mahirap talaga at delikado ang eleksyon sa atin. Mabuti na lamang ok ang kinalabasan ng eleksyon dyan sa inyo. Sana palaging mag-iingat tatay mo, kasi oo nga di mo alam sino ang kaibigan at kaaway.
    Humanga ako ng konti sa ating mga kababayan, dahil pinag isipan na nang marami ang ihahalal nila, nagising na sila at di na masyado pumili ng mga artista. Oo ayoko sa mga artista, hindi dahil artista sila pero naniniwala kasi ako na kulang ang karisma kung walang kaalaman. Sa kabilang banda, nakakalungkot kasi marami paring dayaan at kaguluhang nangyayari. Ayoko na tingnan ang mga negatibong bahagi ng mga Filipino. Ayoko na ikompara ang ating Gobyerno sa ibang bansa sa Asya. Pero naniniwala pa rin ako na kaya ng Pilipinas bumangon. Dapat lang mag umpisa sa bawat isa, hindi lang sa mga politiko, kundi sa lahat as in sa lahat.

  5. Ey Jinoesky congrats to your Papa… heheheh naks Politician na ang family mo! Sana mag stay strong lalo ang family nyo at ang inyong faith para mas masilbihan ng buong puso ni Papa mo ang inyong mga kababayan!

    Congratulations again!

    God bless!!!

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