Posted by: jinoe | May 22, 2007

I will become unemployed

The news is out.  Our company has decided to stop its memory business and create a new venture on memory business with other companies.  The other business sections of the company is still intact.  Just the memory business.  I am part of the memory business for almost five years.  The news is still hot.  It was just announced last night and today I see many employees coming to work in black.

Definitely a time of uncertainty for all of us here.  We still don’t know if the new company will retain the operations in the Philippines.  Although some news says that Philippines is not included in their operations.  (Update:  Philippine operations will still continue under the new company.  There will be offers to join the new company.)

So what will happen to me.  Several options are in my mind. 

Find a new job.  I am still waiting for advice if I passed the selection process in 2 companies.  And next week I have another interview in another company.

Stop working and study.  I have a thesis to finish.  Right now, I cannot concentrate on my thesis because of my job.  Maybe, once I am unemployed, I’d finish my Master’s degree first and then start looking for another job.  I can finish it by December of this year.

Or lastly, start a business.  My parents food business is doing ok in the province.  I have been pushing them to make it bigger like start a catering business also.  My mother is now convinced and plans to start it by November.  What if I go home and handle this business and make it bigger?  What I have learned in the corporate world can be applied in a business I want to handle.

It may take a few more months before I would know which direction I will take.  The news may be sad but at the same time I have much anticipation of what the future will hold for me.  So help me God.



  1. hi jin, let’s hope for the best, God’s ways work so wonderfully that everything that happens always is for a good purpose that leads to our best. I had my days of being unemployed and uncertainties too, but looking back, those changes in my life were God’s best way of directing me to where my heart’s peacefulness is. taking a break and finishing your masters sounds good, but then, my prayers will be for whatever your heart so desire.

  2. Good luck Jin, I’m seeing it as a good chance of looking for better opportunities. Close one door and already you have three others are wide open and waiting for your grand entrance. =)

  3. My dear!

    The Good Lord will find ways, my friend. Sure ko! A year ago, I quit my good paying job because for work abroad! But good luck to me! Apparently, Hong Kong Disneyland doesn’t another chinky-eyed snow white! hehehehehehe

    You’re a man of great talent, Jinoeboy! So, whichever direction you opt to take, I’m sure you’ll succeed! Miss you!

    Joey S!
    0915 8810880

  4. Ikaw pa! God knows the secret longings of your heart….stay strong and always look on the brighter side of life kahit mahirap gawin madalas!

    Hindi ka nag-iisa 🙂

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