Posted by: jinoe | May 21, 2007

Tongue Twisted

One of the challenges in staying in Manila is perfecting the language and the intonation.  For an Ilonggo like me, it’s a challenge how to speak Tagalog the way Tagalog people do.  But I am not prone to error.  Last time, we talked about the bloopers we had when we unconsciously ran out of Tagalog words to say during normal conversations.


While on the jeep:

“Bayad po.  Dalawa sa pulo
Pulo in Ilonggo is 10 pesos.  Should have been sampu.  


Our friend was bragging about our boarding house that has a small pool on the roof top.  However, it has a lot of litters from pigeons. 

“Maganda yung pool sa taas.  Kaso maraming pating.”
Pating in Ilonggo is a pigeon but in Tagalog it means shark.  Just imagine the face of her friends when they heard the pool is full of sharks.  Ooops.


Not in Tagalog but in Cebuano.

A friend saw a lady with a cute puppy.

“Cute sang tutoy.”
Tutoy in Ilonggo means a puppy.  In Cebuano, it means breast.  So when the lady heard my friend complimenting a puppy, she was quite insulted.  In Tagalog, I think it the word refers to a male genital.



  1. LoL Hay Jin, indi na lang na pag-imaster ang tagalog. Kag ngaa abi kita ang maghambal tagalog? it’s about time they learn other dialects too di ba?

  2. I agree, they should learn our dialect for a change. Pero mas sadya gani nga indi sila kabalo mag Ilonggo. Pwede ta sila ma libak.
    What I’ve noticed is that most bilingual people revert to the easier word. But between Tag-a-log and Ilonggo, why would anyone choose to sound like they are mad than melodic? (pwera lang ang mga inta nga naga OA kung mag hambal.)

  3. had a good laugh there. just dropping by from another blog. yup, i agree mas nami ya mag ilonggo. nainit ko na sa mga ilonggo nga ara sa manila nga maski ilonggo man ang gina istorya naga tagalog gid kay nahuya mabal-an nga promdi.

  4. huo tuod gid na..nami gid yah mag ilonggo..
    mga tagalog mga suyaan na ya…fish…

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