Posted by: jinoe | May 17, 2007

Starting to Move On

I am depressed.  It’s a self-inflicted drepression I guess.  I still haven’t overcome some disappointments and the wounds aren’t healing yet.  Tomorrow is our company outing but I’m not excited.  If not for the dance number we need to present, I would rather stay at home.

While cruising throught the mall, I thought I need something to cheer me up.  My materialistic side told me to go shopping.  It’s the best theraphy for depression.  Reward myself.  I deserve it.  Will it be a new shirt?  A new pair of pants?  A new pair of shoes?  Flip-flops?  Sunglasses?  Digital Camera?  Music player?  Those were the things that first came to my mind.  But without cash nor a credit card, I cant afford my tastes for these items.

Then, I passed by Powerbooks.  Why not buy a book?  Something that will perk me up, inspire, or amuse.  I got in the store and looked through a big collection of books. 

Will it be something entertaining?  I saw the complete compilation of The Chronicles of Narnia.  It costs more than a thousand.  Too expensive.  I saw Eldest, the sequel to the best seller Eragon.  It’s a paperback edition and relatively cheaper.  But its too childish for me.  And I dont think I can really finish it. 

Will it be something that is popular?  I saw the book The Tipping Point.  The author is the same guy who wrote Blink!  I know this is a good book but I dont think I can bring it to a personal level since it looks more like a business book to me.  I saw a new book by Paolo Coehlo.  I know his work are inspirational but the book’s storyline of a woman worshipping a witch doesnt seem to fit my needs right now. 

How about spiritual books?  I saw the works of Philip Yancey, Max Lucado and Og Mandino.  I still have unread spiritual books at home.  I might as well, go home and read them. 

How about self-help books?  There were plenty of selections.  But I started to find self-help books boring.  They just take the old and tested principles back and repackage it for modern and lost readers.  I might be disappointed to find out I know these things and I just need to apply them in real life.  I could just browse the books table contents and I will know what it’s all about.

Finally, I saw a book that interests me.  Entitled “NeGOsyo”, it contains 50 inspiring stories from successful Filipino entreprenuers.  From the popular people like John Gokongwei Jr and Henry Sy to the new breed like Les Reyes and Myla Villanueva.  At 280 pesos, this could be a step to earning my first million.  I really wanted to start my own business. 

So I’ll be bringing this book with me tomorrow at the company outing and be inspired.



  1. I would’ve suggested an icy treat at Baskin Robins and Lad Lit from Mil Millington or Nick Hornby, think Bridget Jones with a penis. But hey, NeGOsyo ain’t bad at all, I’ve read a similar issue of Entrepreneurship before and it was inspiring. Having your own biz is definitely the way to go. You can win in the rat race but you’re still a rat. How to get out of that race is the tricky part. Good luck in all your plans Jin =) I hope you did well on that dance number hehehe ….by the way, thank God you don’t have a credit card. I regret having those plastic things. It’s one trap you don’t want to get stuck in.

  2. Retail therapy is second only to escapism in my books. Good book purchase Jin. I’ll be looking out for more Road to Riches entries from you. 🙂

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