Posted by: jinoe | May 16, 2007

Better than the malls

I got an invitation last Saturday night to go to Puerto Azul the next morning. I said yes in an instant even if I only have a few more hours to pack my things. I missed the beach, the long road trips and out of town destinations.

The original idea is to meet on Monday at one of the malls. Maybe have lunch together, ice skating, play at the arcade, window shopping or just walk and talk.

But this out of town trip was much better. There is fresh air to enjoy. There’s a lot of room to move around. I can imagine how crowded the malls could be. No distractions. No cellphone shops to catch my attention. No promo people handing out flyers. Just the sand, water and wind around me.

I had time to teach Quennie how to swim. She’s still a bit afraid if the water is deep but at least her freestyle is improving. I had a lot of time to talk with friends. We’ve noticed how mature we’ve become. Our converstaions started with our facination with comics and the superheroes. Then we ended talking about career and relationships. It’s like a new gray hair is popping out every minute while we are talking.

Here’s the link to some of our pictures at Puerto Azul. It’s not really a great beach compared to others. But it was enough to unwind and enjoy.



  1. agree gid ko ya! beach, anything nature is better than mall, gives you very good memories, energizes you, relieves stress, etc. kita nyo, you started from light topics to career and relationship? the silence and peacefulness there brings most the well of wisdom, not the gray hair :). whereas the mall would sometimes give headache pa if you end up falling into mall’s craze. anyway, very nice and creative pictures gid, maybe my fave is the group jumping picture, enjoy seeing them. by the way, nag-comment ko di gina, it did not appear, i pasted it again and submitted, and the wordpress told me i can not send the same comment (hehehe), but when i checked it, way man nag-appear. anyway, if ever it will appear, i may be saying the same things so feel free to delete this 2nd one.

  2. wala gid kamo nanghagad ba… weekend off ko sadto

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