Posted by: jinoe | May 15, 2007

Dirty Politics

The counting has begun.  How many lives died already?  The story is the same.  Philippine elections is to die for.  So far its the usual story of political killings and cheating.  My sister told me of a school where the ballots are being counted having no electricity while the rest of the neighborhood have their lights on.  Old school cheating.  But people never learn.  It still happens.


Politics knows no friend.  My father is learning it the hard way.  After weeks of campaigning, he is now monitoring his progress.  Not good yet.  Though the position is quite low, it has its own share of dirt.  While he is busy campaigning as a team and working with the team, some teammates seems to be having their own agenda.  They seem to campaign for themselves and are getting exclusive votes in the ballot instead of campaining for the whole party members. 

Sure enough they seem to be enjoying a comfortable lead.


My father wanted to play it clean.  No tricks.  He put off some of his campaign plans to cater to the agreement of the whole party.  Turned out to be a bad idea.  In politics this statement is true:  Better play it dirty than be a victim of dirty play.

A law of power.


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